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We’re reimagining the way you sell in Outreach with Universal Task Flow

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Let's be honest - it really sucks to complete your day to day sales tasks. So we sat down with hundreds of salespeople with one goal in mind - reinventing the sales workflow process to fix the problems you’re encountering every day: you don’t know where to start working, and you don’t have a fast, efficient way to get things done.

We’re excited to bring you our vision for a better way to complete tasks with Outreach: Universal Task Flow. Our sales workflow management tool, Universal Task Flow, empowers you to complete tasks quickly and intelligently, wherever you work. This the fastest, most intuitive way for reps to complete Outreach tasks across Salesforce, Linkedin, and any other website. We have completely rebuilt the Outreach workflow from the ground up to bring you a one-of-a-kind, game changing selling experience.

Are you ready to bring your sales workflow management into the future?

Universal Task Flow is platform- and website-agnostic, and allows you to use Outreach as your home base to navigate through every resource you use online to sell effectively. This new task flow uses Outreach Everywhere in Window mode to guide you to the right content outside of Outreach while allowing you to complete and manage your Outreach tasks alongside the page.

Additionally, you can customize this solution to best fit your workflow by choosing where you start each task. Your future is a unified workflow that works for you, not one that forces you to toggle through different browser tabs and hunt for the information you need to sell. We believe you should be able to complete sales tasks quickly, intelligently, and in a way that works for you. This unique approach to accomplishing tasks is going to change the way your team works outside of Outreach - especially in Salesforce.

Universal Task Flow was designed with our core users in mind, but built to support every step and every person in the sales process - from hunter to closer and beyond. It’s the first step in the way we’re rebuilding the sales workflow to support different roles and the many resources you use to sell effectively.

Looking forward, Universal Task Flow provides a framework for Outreach to become a central part of your workflow inside and outside of your browser, and completely transform the way you multitask and sell, regardless of where you’re working. This is your first opportunity to experience the future of selling.

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