Outreach’s latest AI Assist capabilities announced at Unleash 2023

Posted October 19, 2023

Thank you for an incredible three days of insights, connection, and collaboration at Unleash last week. Together, over 1200 GTM professionals joined us in Seattle to learn how to make Outreach our competitive advantage. Between a packed agenda, demos, and meetings (and don’t forget the puppies, marching band, and mimosas), I had the privilege of unveiling several new capabilities across Outreach’s AI Sales Platform, including three new generative AI features:

  • Smart Meeting Assist
  • Smart Deal Assist
  • Smart Sequence Assist

The potential of AI is more than just writing your emails or submitting a forecast — it will be so pervasive that it will organize your day based on the highest value activities, tell us which deals to focus our time on, and what to do next. 

Turn insight into action with Smart Meeting Assist 

Smart Meeting Assist drives improved AI-selling precision by automatically summarizing sales meetings, answering questions about what was discussed, and capturing next steps mentioned during the call. Outreach's Kaia provides a response based on the natural flow of discussion, allowing managers and sellers to de-risk deals and plan their next steps. Responses include deep links to the relevant time points throughout the call recording so users can reference and play back key moments. The summary, questions, and answers are visible to all users with access to the call recording.

Proactively identify risks with Smart Deal Assist

Smart Deal Assist revolutionizes how sellers and sales leaders identify and resolve risk in deals. Directly from Deal Overview, users can clearly see where their deals may stall out. From there, Outreach’s AI guides you toward the best next steps to take to get your deals back on track and moving forward.

Tailor the best next step with Smart Sequence Assist

Smart Sequence Assist is a game-changing approach to creating emails, calls,  tasks, and more, offering a seamless solution for both refreshing and generating new, tailored sequence content. The assist builds sequence structure and content tailored to a seller's specific goals and target persona — reducing the time and overhead needed to create sequences. By incorporating your sales goals, desired voice and tone, and leveraging Outreach's extensive knowledge from millions of successful sales engagement activities, sales teams can streamline their workflow and more effectively produce high-quality content.

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