Triggers now have a safety mechanism to prevent mis-targeting segments

Posted July 29, 2016

By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, we’re excited to announce a safety enhancement to triggers to help administrators and team leads be more successful in their configuration of Outreach.

Ever since we introduced Triggers, our customers have found them to be an indispensable feature for their workflows. This is especially true for automatically adding inbound prospects into sequences after syncing in from Salesforce, or modifying fields in certain situations.

Triggers are a very powerful feature in Outreach, and configuring them carefully and double-checking the settings is extremely important. Sometimes an administrator may forget to apply a condition to a given trigger before turning it on, which has the potential to apply the trigger action to more prospects than anticipated, or desired.

This new safeguard is designed to help you ensure each trigger is targeted appropriately before enabling, to prevent misfires. Let’s take a look!

The Demo

Admins have the ability to create a new trigger under settings.

When configuring a trigger, be sure to select the event that is designed to activate the trigger for any given prospect. In this scenario, I want the trigger action to add all newly created prospects, who have certain fields populated with specific values, directly into my inbound sequence.

You can save a trigger without conditions, but if you attempt to activate it, the safeguard will engage. You’ll notice however, that as soon as I add a condition, such as the source being equal to “Inbound”, I can successfully activate the trigger.

Additional Information

Though rare, it is possible for some organizations to identify scenarios in which they want to use a trigger that applies to all prospects, created or updated. To sidestep the safeguard for this scenario, simply add a condition that would always be true for any given prospect, such as the prospect ID not being empty.


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