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Posted April 27, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Email campaigns are essential to building relationships with prospective buyers and current customers. Prospects opt into campaigns by signing up for webinars, downloading content from your website, or subscribing to your product updates. Providing these options is a great way to find warm leads. In addition to these marketing campaigns, the sales team is also engaging with prospects to drive them to buy.

Your team works hard to create amazing content and send targeted, personalized emails. However, occasionally your contacts choose to opt out of your campaigns and ask to be unsubscribed. When this happens you want to ensure you’re not only following your company’s policy, but also rules laid out by the CAN-SPAM Act.

Outreach has always been dedicated to following best practices. The larger your organization and more sophisticated the email campaigns, the more likely you’ve implemented a way to globally manage unsubscribe and do not contact lists. AdRoll is one of those organizations and needed Outreach to connect to their global unsubscribe list. Brendon Ritz, Sr. Manager of Marketing Technology at AdRoll, reached out to our product team looking to solve this problem. “New processes required a custom landing page for opt-outs. We approached Outreach with this challenge and worked closely with their product team to find a solution,” said Brendon. This means Outreach’s unsubscribe link, included in emails sent from Outreach, automatically redirects to a custom landing page outside of Outreach, where the prospect would be opted out in their global list.

We’re obsessed with helping customers solve their toughest problems, so we jumped at the chance to work with AdRoll. The result was the creation of two new features: One-click unsubscribe and a custom unsubscribe URL. “We were impressed with the quick reaction of the Outreach team, the requested feature was available within 10 days.” Said Brendon, “The monumental speed, receptivity, and quick resolution we experienced with Outreach is unparalleled.”

We soon discovered that Adroll had provided us with an opportunity to create a feature that benefited all Outreach customers. The reason? Redirecting a prospect to your preferred landing page gives you more flexibility with the next steps. Add the prospects to your global unsubscribe list, request additional information from the prospect to unsubscribe them from either your marketing or sales database, or take follow-up action as outlined by your company’s process.

When enabled, you have two options.

1. One-click unsubscribe, a check box found in your org settings, will immediately opt out prospects from Outreach. They will and no longer land on a confirmation page to unsubscribe from your campaigns.

2. Add a custom unsubscribe URL, which will redirect your prospects to your preferred landing page.

This new capability is a demonstration of our commitment to customers and continual innovation.

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