Introducing outbound analytics, actionable insights for sales teams

Posted October 25, 2016

Getting outbound selling right is critical for meeting quota. That’s why companies have invested in arming their sales teams with a myriad of tools designed to make them more successful. Ironically, as these tools have gained traction they’ve proliferated, requiring sales reps to spend increasing amounts of time managing them, resulting in less time selling. Research demonstrates that an average of 8 touches with a prospect are required to secure a meeting. Despite the research, the average sales rep makes is only making 2. There’s clearly a problem here.

Two years ago we set out to solve this problem and elevate outbound sales reps to become growth drivers for the enterprise. Along the way, we worked with over 1000 sales teams, accelerated sales pipelines by 3x, and gave back sales reps 1-2 hours per day. We’ve learned a lot from our customers and it’s shaped our vision for the future. It’s inspired us to not only continue our first mission of making sales reps efficient using outbound sales metrics but also to equip them to be as effective sellers as possible.

To accomplish this, we’ll be introducing a comprehensive analytics suite in 2017 called “Outbound Analytics.” We believe that sales teams who have access to the right information, turn it into insight, and make an intelligent first move will have the advantage. We’re going to make this possible.

We want to share a few highlights of the capabilities and outbound sales metrics it will include:

Prospect Intelligence

Equip Sales Reps with relevant information about the people and organizations they engage, right in the system they use to take action.

The Outreach platform aggregates prospect data from a variety of third party sources, including Twitter, Owler, Compile, Datanyze and more specialist sales data providers, allowing sales reps to monitor engagement and key buying signals at both the individual prospect and account levels.

Coaching Analytics

Empower Sales Managers to have meaningful conversations with Sales Reps to improve performance with real-time coaching.

Sales managers now have access to powerful analytics that surface clear data on which team members may need help refining their sales techniques, and which sales reps are high performers eligible to serve as mentors. This eliminates the black box of sales communication by revealing insights on top performing sales techniques and providing detailed team performance measurement metrics.

Engagement Insights

Actionable insights to impact the way Sales Teams engage with prospects.

Leveraging the Prospect Intelligence data, sales execs can then pinpoint the most intelligent first move of engagement. Across calling, emailing, and connecting over social, which are the most effective channels for each prospect and what time of day and content is best suited for this individual.

Are you excited to get involved? We are opening up a customers-only Beta Program for early access to our best-in-class analytics. If you are interested in being considered for the Beta, click here to let us know!


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