Introducing more flexible Salesforce workflows with duplicate SFDC contact support

Posted April 12, 2018

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for sales teams. Every team manages workflows in a unique way, especially in the way they organize and manage their data in Salesforce. And as your company grows and scales, your workflows become more complex. Our goal is to ensure Outreach sets your team up for success with the Salesforce configurations and workflows you use across your team, and scales with your team’s evolving needs.

For this reason, we are investing in building capabilities that allow teams to incorporate intentional duplicate records into their Outreach workflows in 2 simple ways -- Prospect Remapping and Purposeful Duplicates Support. 

Business processes can result in multiple leads or contacts with the same email address in Salesforce. Often, it's because the leads or contacts need to be engaged by different reps, or multiple reps are selling across different product lines. If your business process or workflow creates records with the same email address, you'll now be able to engage them all within Outreach. That means reps will spend less time finding and managing prospects, and more time selling, without having to jump between platforms. 

Here's how we're doing this:

Prospect Remapping

When a lead or contact from Salesforce is brought into Outreach, and we detect there is already a prospect with a matching email, we will notify you of this and allow you to change the prospect mapping in Outreach to the new contact or lead. When this occurs, users will see a dialog box alerting them that the prospect exists, and allowing them to choose which Salesforce record they want to map the Outreach record to. This will tie future engagements and activities with that prospect to the selected lead or contact in Salesforce.

screen recording of finding salesforce prospect matches in Outreach

Now, teams can ensure the right activities are being attributed to the right prospect so valuable information doesn’t get lost, and results are being attributed to the right reps and activities. 

"The new mapping update expedites our lead importing process and simplifies integration with our CRM giving us back valuable time in our day for more meaningful touches."NUTANIX

Duplicate Contact Support

Some workflows require the use of duplicate records in Salesforce, and we want to make sure these use cases are also supported in your Outreach workflows. For instance, some businesses sell multiple product lines, and two reps from distinct lines of business are targeting the same prospect, but don’t want to get their data mixed up. Or some companies who sells to doctors offices, office managers, etc. likely have multiple contacts tied to the address.

Now with Purposeful Duplicate Contact support, you can ensure the duplicate records you're working in Salesforce also pull into Outreach. With this update to our Salesforce integration, you'll be able to work these records at the same time, without choosing one or the other to sync and risk mixing up information across different opportunities.

Though we now support duplicate contacts for sales processes like these, we believe in keeping your data clean, and believe duplicates should only be used when intentionally logged in Salesforce as part of your sales process. We’ve highlighted a couple of examples where we believe duplicates will be helpful. If you're not sure whether duplicates are an integral and intentional part of your sales workflow, reach out to your CSM for guidance and best practices.

Prospect Remapping is generally available to all of our users. For more information on using this feature, check out our support documentation. To get access to purposeful duplicate support, reach out to your CSM for more information.


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