The latest from Outreach: improve meeting bookings by 45%, plus new integrations

Posted September 20, 2021

By Riyaz Habibbhai

Senior Director of Product Marketing at Outreach

At Outreach, we believe in being one with the customer. As such, we constantly work on improving our product to help solve the top problems sales teams face. And today, I am excited to share more of the innovation that will change the way you engage with your customers. We look forward to hearing how you use these features to drive efficiency and growth in your business.

Redesigned Public Calendar improves meeting bookings by 45% 

If you use the Public Calendar in Outreach, you know how easy it is to schedule a meeting. Public Calendar saves time by eliminating the back and forth with your customers and prospects to find a suitable meeting time.

After looking at data across thousands of customer interactions, we further streamlined the customer experience. Now, to schedule meetings with prospects, you can include your calendar availability in Gmail or Outlook, book directly from the Outreach platform, or insert your public calendar link. Prospects can easily find a time that works for them from a five-day availability view.

In addition, our new phone number structural validation nudges the prospect to enter all digits of their phone number. Data shows that this new experience improves your chance of booking a meeting by 45%. Those are amazing odds.

Learn more about how to start improving meeting bookings.

Voice Dialer update provides a better call experience

No one likes a dropped call, especially when it’s with a prospect or customer. Tech issues should never get in the way of potentially closing a deal. That’s why we redesigned calling in Outreach from the ground up to make it as easy and efficient as possible. With a reduced connection time by up to two seconds, Voice Dialer now allows you to add participants, as well as call data and notes, during active calls. We’ve also improved dialer stability and call alerts when a user’s network is poor.

Automated User Provisioning streamlines manual effort and mitigates risk

As organizations grow, manual user management becomes a significant pain point and security risk. Automated User Provisioning helps organizations streamline user lifecycle management by keeping user accounts and permissions in sync with the organization's identity provider of choice. By centralizing the user lifecycle management logic, organizations reduce security and compliance risks by efficiently and effectively managing identity and access from one system.

We work with partners to create workflows all under one roof so you can do your job more efficiently and effectively. Our dozens of integrations support every workflow and persona so everyone can have a better streamlined work experience. Here’s a look at our latest partner integrations.


Troops connects your Outreach to Slack or Microsoft Teams, allowing your Go To Market Teams to get real-time alerts on any important updates to prospects, emails or sequences. This means your teams never miss an important signal, and are always able to follow up with the right prospect at the right time with the right message.


With Qualified for Outreach, sales reps no longer need to wait for an email reply to get a meeting on the books. Instead, sales reps can capitalize on that “magic moment” when a prospect arrives on your website from an email sequence to instantly start a conversation that’s consistent across channels. This results in more web conversions, more pipeline, and more closed/won business.

We live in an era where sales teams must move fast if they want to succeed. Here at Outreach, we are also moving fast. We're innovating products and features that eliminate wasteful sales processes and weak execution so you can increase revenue opportunities. And we'll continue to be there, every step of the way, to make sure your team's selling experience is as efficient and seamless as possible. Stay tuned for more.


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