Admins can now configure email content privacy settings through the user profile

Posted July 5, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, we're excited to announce that we have added new controls onto the user profile to help org admins control the privacy of their users' communication.

Outreach built out the gold standard of email sync and reply detection to help ensure sequences get updated with replies, and all activities get posted to Salesforce automatically in the background.

As robust and powerful as this system is, we have found some larger organizations prefer to limit the visibility of email communication with the prospects their organization engages.

That's why we've built out profile controls to let organization admins control whether a user, who was not a participant on a given email, is allowed to see the subject and message body of an email, respectively.

The Demo

Users with the Admin user profile have access to updating user profile settings by going to Profiles under the Settings section.

Once in the profiles list, select the profile you wish to modify, whether it's a standard profile or a custom profile you have built yourself.

Once in the profile, scroll down to the section labeled with "unrelated emails" and you will see four settings, broken up by "related to Outreach" and "not related to Outreach".

We intentionally broke out settings to allow administrators to control visibility settings based on whether a message was sent using Outreach technology, or not - such as an email inbox without Outreach, or a mobile email client.

Simply set and save your visibility settings on the subject and body as you prefer for all users of that profile, and any emails they are not a part of will not display for that set of users.

Additional Information

While some organizations wish to create communication privacy around emails for other users not already privy to the conversation, we do find the majority of our customers prefer to provide their teams with the context of each and every message that takes place with a prospect.

Remember that these settings are configured on each user profile, and you can increase or decrease these settings at the profile level at any time you wish, and they will take effect immediately.


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