What makes Outreach a "place women want to work"

Posted December 5, 2023

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By Leslie Pendergrast

Chief People Officer at Outreach

Summary: We’re honored to be included on #GirlsClub’s 2023 Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work list, thanks to the continued success of our Women in Sales events.

As the end of 2023 draws near, we can’t help but reflect on the accomplishments of the women who made our GTM team — and our customers — shine this year. That’s why we’re honored to share that Outreach was recently named one of the top 10 companies where women want to work by #GirlsClub. 

Belonging starts within your own organization

Expanding and embracing the diversity of your sales team and company isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes teams more successful. Amongst diverse sales teams, win rates and quota attainment are higher, while nine out of ten sellers agree diverse sales teams are more successful.

Yet, we’re far from where we need to be. Women hold just 12% of top sales positions, a startling stat when women make up more than half of the college-educated workforce. Today’s sales leaders do not reflect today’s buyers.

To bridge the gap between the status quo and the outcome we want to achieve, Outreach is working to become part of the solution.

At a time when so many organizations want to do better, but don't know where to start, women leaders within Outreach are creating our own blueprint to make that possible — internally and for the organizations we support.

We find strength in diversity and inclusion

Last year, Outreach launched its premier Women in Sales Summit in Napa, CA. It was more than just an event; it was part of a much larger movement designed to bring together women in sales-related roles in the spirit of collaboration, connection, and advancement.

This fall at Unleash, we brought our Women in Sales Summit event back in an even bigger way. 

two women sitting at table at a conference workshop talking
women on stage at a conference
women on stage at a conference
women chatting at a workshop
two women sitting at table at a conference workshop talking
women on stage at a conference

Alongside the conference, we hosted an exclusive panel discussion and networking session. With over 250 women GTM leaders in attendance, we had candid conversations about executive sponsors, career advancement, self-promotion — and so much more. 

This was such an uplifting experience. I loved that there was a balance between sessions focused on sales strategies/tactics and sessions focused on well-being in sales.
Unleash 2023 attendee

Special thanks to our guest presenters and panelists: Maria Rodrigues Koller, Jenna Lang, Sara Dean, and Montana von Fliss — as well as Alyson Baber, Angela Garinger, Grace Presnick, and Kelly Shara from the Outreach team.  

Outreach's Unleash conference did the best job of prioritizing DEI in the profession of sales in a way that was authentic and not cringe. There was representation across all levels of speakers, including keynotes.
Dan Gottlieb, B2B RevTech Analyst at Gartner

In the following days of Unleash, more powerhouse speakers like Mel Robbins and Cassandra Worthy took to the main stage, inspiring us all to think about how we can be forces of change in our own lives. Even after the event, the outpouring of feedback we’ve received has been incredible.

2023 Unleash conference, lounge
industry conference reception in a crowded room
women networking at an industry conference
2023 Unleash conference, lounge
industry conference reception in a crowded room

We’re building a community that lasts beyond a single event

With a diverse group of GTM pros ranging from seasoned sales leaders to new SDRs, the connections made at this event will continue to thrive well beyond the conference. To keep the momentum going within your own organization year-round, we’re sharing our RISE Women’s Leadership Development Program for sales leaders to use and improve at their companies. 

2024 is already shaping up to be an epic year for Outreach and our customers. We can’t wait to see you at our next Women in Sales event! 

Stay tuned…  


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