Build your pipeline faster with Outreach's new Crunchbase integration

Posted December 1, 2021

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By Phillip Friedman

Head of Ecosystem & Partner Product Marketing at Outeach

In today’s competitive landscape, you very well know that emailing every contact you’re able to get your hands on may get you more total replies, but most likely those leads won’t convert to customers. What’s more important is getting the right leads and reaching out to them at the right time.

That’s why we are partnering with Crunchbase to combine your sales execution platform with one of your favorite sales prospecting platforms.

Outreach’s new integration with Crunchbase will help you build pipeline faster, improve your response rates, and keep your CRM updated with automatic syncing.

Crunchbase Outreach Integration

Discover, qualify, and connect with prospects directly in Crunchbase

Outreach users can now directly access Crunchbase’s company information, funding data, and contact data to find the right prospects and build your pipeline faster.

Use Crunchbase to: 

  • Prioritize qualified accounts: Narrow down your prospect lists with advanced search filters to focus your time on accounts that match your ICP.
  • Identify relevant decision-makers: Use filters like job title, level, department, and name to find verified contact information for company decision-makers most relevant to you.
  • Add contacts to Outreach in two clicks: Push contacts to Outreach, or assign contacts to existing Outreach sequences, directly from Crunchbase.
Crunchbase Outreach Integration

Streamline your prospecting workflow

Get started in Crunchbase by finding decision-makers at qualified accounts. You can then add the contacts to Outreach and assign them to the sequence of your choice.

With best-in-class data and automation working together, Outreach x Crunchbase is a recipe for better response rates.

Use real-time email alerts to get notified of prospect news, like when they raise funding or hire new leadership. This data helps you improve response rates with more relevant, timely messages.

In addition, contacts added to Outreach automatically sync to Salesforce, so your CRM will always be up to date. And with automatic contact matching, there will never be duplicates to clean up in Outreach or your CRM.

Ready to improve your pipeline? Crunchbase and Outreach customers can start using the new integration today. Not an Outreach customer? Request a demo.


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