New enhanced sequences & Galaxy integrations for an improved inbox experience

Posted October 2, 2019

By Sunny Bjerk

Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

Making Sequences Even Better

The core of Outreach is the Sequence: a set of steps that helps reps design, optimize, and execute engagements with prospects and customers. As a series of measurable engagements, sales reps and leaders can identify the Sequences that drive the most revenue, and use the best playbooks for each persona, market, and customer to optimize strategies.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve made Sequences even better. Using hundreds of million data points and customer feedback, we’ve prioritized updates to deliver greater customization and optimization.

Upgraded Outreach Sequences

Through a set of enhancements, Sequences will now deliver more flexibility, visibility, and control. Available for both Gmail and Outlook users, these new enhancements give reps the ability to do more from their inbox while prospecting, closing deals, or working on renewals or expansions, and view each Sequence status with one click.

Flexibility: One-to-many conversations

Reps can now converse with multiple points of contact throughout the deal cycle with our multi-recipient conversations in Sequences right from their inbox or Outreach. With as many as 7 people involved in B2B purchasing decisions, reps can now use this multi-recipient capability to manage multiple contacts in a single Sequence, right from their inbox.

Customer-facing teams can now orchestrate impactful conversations across stakeholders in one motion, helping to coordinate across decision-makers to close deals or follow-up with multiple prospects at once.

Visibility: Sequence Status and Performance

We are also improving overall visibility on Sequences in two ways: providing more clear data on Sequence outcomes and status, and delivering greater Sequence data and actionability from your inbox.

  • Inbox Indicators: Reps can now control Sequences right from their inbox by pausing or ending it, or taking further action on individual steps.
  • Preview performance and steps: Reps can view each Sequence’s performance, including reply rates, to understand each Sequence’s success rates and make any modifications to its steps.
  • Receipts: From Outreach, reps will now be able to see what happens after they add a prospect to a Sequence and see its status: active, paused, pending, or failed. For instance, if a rep tries to put a prospect into a new Sequence but the prospect is already active in difference Sequence, reps will get a message and can take immediate action to fix.

Now when reps add a prospect to a Sequence, they can immediately see if a prospect is active in a different sequence and decide on the next best action.

Control: Schedule and Edit Sequencing

With Pre-Edit Email Step, you can add prospects to Sequence and quickly edit them at any time.

Once the emails are personalized, users can schedule the Sequence date and time that the Sequence is sent, allowing reps to reach out at the times that maximize customer engagement.

Combined, these enhancements to your inbox and Outreach will allow reps to execute more engagement with less effort. Learn more about these enhancements for Outreach, Gmail and Outlook.

Outreach Galaxy + Seismic, BombBomb, and Sendoso

In addition to upgrades to Outreach Sequences, users will also get greater multichannel capacity with our new Outreach Galaxy integrations with Seismic, BombBomb, Sendoso.


With Seismic’s new integration with Galaxy, reps will be able to insert Seismic content into emails and multi-recipient Sequences directly from Outreach.

Now, when placing prospects into a Sequence, reps will be able to use the Sequence Status and Performance feature to see when recipients view and engage with the content, and make three key actions:

  • When the prospect views the Seismic content, reps will be notified and can then transition the prospect into a high-priority, more personalized Sequence
  • Edit or modify content based on which Seismic content is most successful
  • Send follow-up content using multiple-recipient Sequences after a demo or other critical moments to keep all decision-makers on the same page


Reps can use the BombBomb integration to place videos into Sequences, and then get notified when the recipient watches the video. Reps can then trigger an urgent call task or put the prospect into a high-touch Sequence that includes a personalized video or email to connect while the interest is high.

With Galaxy + BombBomb integration, reps can seamlessly insert customized videos and insert them seamlessly into Sequences.


Reps can also further integrate Sendoso direct mail into their multichannel strategies by sending a physical or eGift to targeted ABS accounts, or set up an Outreach Trigger when the prospect receives the gift or the eGift link is activated.

Reps can now track Sendoso recipients and take immediate action when the gifts are received.

Accelerate your Account-Based Sales

Our new Sequences and Galaxy integrations are a great way to lead ABS at your organization. By enabling alignment across internal teams and customer contacts, as well as greater capacity for personalized and multichannel communications, reps can view--and act on--the new Sequence performance data to execute a high-touch, personalized approach to targeted accounts.


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