Introducing 60 seconds to sales excellence

Posted July 27, 2018

Time is money, especially in sales. There are only so many hours in the day, and with the constant stream of calls, emails, texts, social touches and fresh cookie deliveries (RIP Doughbies) reps deal with daily, there’s little time left over for personal development.

That doesn’t fly with us. Outreach has always been committed to optimizing a rep’s workflow so they can get more done, efficiently and effectively. And now we are bringing that credo to our content game.

We’re proud to introduce our new video series, 60 Seconds to Sales Excellence. The concept is simple: you give us a minute of your time and we’ll provide some sensational sales tips and tactics that you can try out today. No fluff — only fire.

Our first minute-long masterclass contains five tips to take your email subject lines to the next level. So carve out a moment, hit play and invest in your own sales excellence.

Happy Selling!


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