Smart Email Assist: Leverage AI to boost sales productivity

Posted August 16, 2023

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By Lejla Rašić

Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

In the fast-paced world of sales, every minute counts. Yet, a significant part of a salesperson's day is often spent on non-selling tasks, with a considerable portion of that time being dedicated to handling email responses. Striking the right balance between personalized emails and sales productivity becomes an ongoing challenge. We know the success of your reps depends on building relationships and closing deals, not getting bogged down by non-selling tasks. 

Today, we are excited to announce the public beta availability of Smart Email Assist - an AI-powered email response generator designed to supercharge rep efficiency. 

By harnessing the power of generative AI, Smart Email Assist empowers sales reps to: 

  • Boost performance by focusing time on editing and personalizing AI-generated content instead of starting from scratch
  • Overcome writer’s block by removing the first draft from the seller’s workflow
  • Focus on activities that matter - building relationships and selling

Empowering sales reps by harnessing the power of generative AI

Generative AI is the future of sales and it’s already changing the way reps do their jobs. One of the most significant advantages it brings to the table is the automation of repetitive tasks, freeing reps from cumbersome administrative work. In the end, sellers want to spend time building meaningful relationships, engaging with customers, and diagnosing their needs.

Meet Smart Email Assist

Your reps start their day with a list of tasks ahead. A significant portion of these tasks revolves around tackling emails. Prospects fire back with inquiries, concerns, and objections. Your team spends a significant amount of time crafting that perfect response. By the time they are done, their valuable time has slipped away and they have lost momentum. There should be a more efficient path forward.

Meet Smart Email Assist, an AI-powered email response generator. The feature is seamlessly embedded into rep workflows and shows up in email compose when replying to a buyer. The rep simply clicks the “Assist” button to get started. The email response is automatically generated, taking into account previous conversations between the buyer and seller. Reps can then review the generated content, make any needed changes, and hit send.

Smart Email Assist is an AI-powered email response generator designed to supercharge rep efficiency.

Reps can also provide more context—like entering additional information in the prompt, setting the length of the response, or the tone of voice. Reps stay in total control of the message that goes out. With this approach, your reps can channel their energy into perfecting, editing, and reviewing the brilliant content our AI whips up, without juggling the roles of author and editor. 

Join our public beta

Smart Email Assist is available in public beta today for the Outreach web app and Gmail extension. Support for the Outlook add-in is coming soon. Outreach customers can participate in the public beta by reaching out to your Outreach Customer Success team.

To learn more about the evolution of sales and how your sales teams can leverage AI to boost productivity, make sure you book your spot at Unleash, October 3-5 in Seattle. Register now!


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