Users can now wake up to a preview of their day's activities, right in their inbox

Posted July 25, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today we’re excited to announce that we have provided a way for users to see what's on deck for them that day, directly from within their inbox.

Every sales representative starts the day thinking about how they are going to navigate the activities they have to perform, and how well they are doing for the week.

This information has always been available within Outreach from the 360 View, however getting a snapshot of all this information delivered to your inbox each morning makes it possible to see what's coming up before you even get to the office.

Now, with this new notification, you get a one-page summary of what actions were taken yesterday and an outline of the current day’s activities, so you have a preview of what's on deck.

The Demo

Each morning, you’ll receive a notification email from Outreach. Listed at the top of the email are your total tasks due, broken down by email and call tasks.

Beneath this summary is a preview of prospects that need attention, determined by the highest level of prospect engagement.

You’ll also see yesterday’s activity, including the call and email tasks completed, the overall deliverability, and any emails that bounced or failed.

These emails are interactive, so you can select the information you want to review directly in the platform. Gain insight into emails sent, calls completed, and address any bounce or message failures from the previous day, so you can stay on track.

Additional Information

We’re always looking to make your workflow more efficient, and provide greater visibility into where you might make adjustments. With the new daily digest emails, you can review your performance, organize your workflow, and take action quickly and effortlessly.

If you already receive daily task emails from Outreach, you are already subscribed to this new daily digest. If you don't receive Outreach task emails, but would like to opt into the digest, click on the checkbox found in the notification section of your settings.


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