Introducing Mythbuster Monday!

Posted July 30, 2018

By Mark Kosoglow

VP of Sales at Outreach

Are there things about sales that you just know? Like the best time to email a prospect is Tuesday morning. Or that custom video messages will boost reply rates. Or cold calling is dead.

But how do you really know those beliefs are true?

At Outreach, we don’t assume our experiences are universal, and best practices aren’t confirmed until tested. We rely on data, not our intuition, and we’ve invested a great deal into making the Outreach platform a proving ground for sales strategies and tactics so your (and our) reps can be confident they’re doing things the right way.

While experimentation is necessary, all science and no fun makes sellers a dull bunch. That’s why we started the Mythbuster Monday video series. Our mission: To explore the common myths salespeople are telling themselves and either confirm or debunk them. We’ll take you through the science of the myth, explain how we tested it, and why it worked or didn’t work for our sales team.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the murky waters of sales and cover topics like:

  • Does embedding video in an email increase positive responses?
  • Is it better to be forceful and direct or more socially mindful in emails?
  • What’s the best metric to measure email success?

Stay tuned for our first, full episode where we’ll help you navigate the common pitfalls and assumptions that plague sales, all while wearing white lab coats and goggles (we take our sales science seriously). 

See you next Monday!


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