How an Account Executive uses Outreach

Posted April 11, 2024

As a Commercial Account Executive at Outreach, Marshall is on a mission to meet or beat his quota this quarter. To navigate more competitive and complex deals, he uses Outreach to keep track of his pipeline, manage stakeholders, and keep his deals moving forward. Here's a glimpse into his daily routine.

Marshall's day kicks off with a review of his to-dos and tasks. His primary focus is his sales pipeline. By sorting opportunities based on dollar amount, close date, or other metrics, Marshall quickly prioritizes his biggest deals.

Marshall also relies on the conversation intelligence tool, Kaia, to summarize key points from meetings. This saves him time otherwise spent sifting through lengthy recordings. With Kaia, he can revisit important details and quickly map out his next steps. 

Moving over to Success Plans, Marshall shows us how he uses each account’s plan to keep his stakeholders aligned and engaged throughout the deal. 

Setting up meetings and sharing updates straight from Outreach also helps Marshall stay organized. If plans shift or something pops up, he’s quick to tweak the schedule and loop everyone in.

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Outreach helps AEs like Marshall manage deals, align with stakeholders, and stay organized so they can meet or beat their quota. Request a meeting to learn more about what Outreach can do for your team. 


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