Introducing activity-based analytics for greater prospect engagement

Posted May 8, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

This week we’re rolling out Activity-Based Analytics, which has been created by working closely with our customers.

It’s easy to run through a list of tasks every day - with Outreach you know exactly who to email and call. But how do you know if you’re emailing at the right time, or which templates are most effective with your list of prospects? That’s exactly what our new analytics delivers. Most sales tools offer you a broad overview of sales rep activity and performance, but today’s sales manager needs more than an overview.

We now provide at-a-glance analytics with filters on the topics you care about most. You can now segment easily by industry, time of day, persona, teams, roles, and more. With our newest release, you can surface data for the prospects you’re most interested in. Using Outreach’s Activity-Based Analytics, you won’t need to guess. You can see the best time to call or email based on your own time zone and crowd-source knowledge from your teammates to strategically meet your quota. “The data surfaced by Outreach helped me make informed changes,” said Max Tuvshinbayar, an Enterprise ADR at Indeni. “The analytics offering contributed to me hitting 130% of my quota this quarter.” 

With more actionable data at your fingertips, you have the information you need to know what’s working, or know where to make adjustments. “With Outreach's Analytics, I could easily identify the activities that top reps were performing and compare it to my own steps.” Tuvshinbayar said. “This helped me better understand where to make adjustments to my process.”

Introducing Activity-Based Analytics

Drive More Effective Prospect Engagement with Analytics for Sales Reps

Analytics are available on the prospect list view. Simply apply the filters to the prospects you’re interested in and open the analytics view, either viewing charts at a glance or extending the window across your page.

Gif of Sales Enablement analytics

The analytics that appear reflect the filters that you’ve applied to your list of prospects. For example, if I’m only interested in call metrics for the “Sales Enablement” persona, I’d do the following:

Gif of Sales Enablement analytics

You can switch the layout to view the information most relevant to the question you’re asking: Email Insights, Call Insights, and Task Insights.

Outreach reporting dashboard showing call insights

Each dashboard pulls up a different set of charts to keep you organized, surfacing the information that is most relevant to the questions that you’re asking.

Increase Team Performance with Coaching Analytics

As a manager, you find value in prospect data, but it’s also valuable to understand how your team is performing. You can now gain in-depth insight into how your reps spend their day without spending hours creating reports in Salesforce, downloading the report as a CSV, and manually manipulating data. With Outreach analytics, it’s fast and simple. With a few clicks, you can see when your reps are calling or emailing, and adjust their call blocks to match the connection rate. Know which reps are spending the most time on the phone, see what reps are using effective email content, and see which templates used by reps garner the most replies. When’s the best time to call? When should you and your team send emails to get the most responses? Is it more effective to spend time calling or emailing a specific demographic? You now have the information you need to make your low-performing reps perform at the same level as your best reps.

You can access user analytics from the user list view. Similar to prospect analytics, apply the filters to the users, teams, or roles that you’re interested in and open the analytics view, either viewing charts at a glance or extending the window across your page.

sales enablement in Outreach

The analytics that appear reflect the filters that you’ve applied to your list of users. For example, if I’m only interested email insights for SDR team, I’d do the following:

Outreach SDR user analytics gif

The charts show analytics specific to the filters. Like the prospect analytics, you can switch the layout to view email, call, and task insights.

users report in outreach

We're excited about analytics, and hope you are too. As you dive into the new capabilities, or if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at


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