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Posted August 28, 2017

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By Serena Miller

Editor, Sales Best Practices at Outreach

Outreach has some of the best features on the market today including excellent purpose built analytics for sales development. When you're looking for an outstanding sales engagement platform, we should be your one and only stop.

A big part of our success is in understanding what makes for great inside sales software choices. Here's a partial list of the things that you should be looking for:

  • We offer the number one feature that companies are looking for and that's actionable, quantifiable data and insights that they can use. Our industry-leading features like the ability to dial in Gmail or Salesforce cuts down on the time you need to spend before engaging those all-important prospects.
  • Easy to understand and read analytics that includes actionable screen prompts is another set of features that you need to look for and one that we have.
  • Email tracking is another box that you need to check to make sure you have a professional product when you're looking for the very best in inside sales software.

Of course it's always important to mix the old and the new together and that's why we suggest our product has modern innovation and more traditional customer-service values. If you need to make sure that your calls are logged accurately we have that capability and you can also use our system to see which calls made established connections.

It's important that you can use this latest technology to track your emails and find out when they are opened. This gives you a leg up on the other sales teams who are competing in the same industry. What's more, we've even included an automated sales dialer that can make all the difference.

Outreach is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Once you get a good look at all the features and capabilities we have, you'll understand quickly why we are the industry leader when it comes to inside sales software choices. Why not take a few minutes to look through the customer testimonials on our website? That way you'll be able to see how some of the biggest names in sales have found our sales engagement platform indispensable in helping their companies get to where they need to be.

Make sure to take a quick look at some of the latest features we've added like New Prospect Quick Actions and you're bound to see why some of the top companies trust us as part of their sales team.


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