Outreach + Corporate Visions: Accelerate your digital sales transformation

Posted April 26, 2023

By Mike Zinne

Chief Customer Officer at Outreach

As businesses continue to navigate the digital transformation of sales, the pressure is on for revenue leaders to implement efficient and productive workflows at scale to help their teams create and close more pipeline. 

As the Chief Customer Officer at Outreach, I work closely with revenue leaders and their teams to help them achieve their sales goals. Outreach’s sales execution platform serves as the backbone for all of their sales workflows - from prospecting, to deal management and closing deals, to forecasting. I also recognize the importance of aligning our platform with our customers' broader sales strategy, including the people, process, and culture, to drive optimal results.

With that, I am excited to announce Outreach’s partnership with Corporate Visions and share how it will benefit enterprise customers seeking to accelerate their digital sales transformation.

Corporate Visions is a leading sales consulting and services company that helps enterprise sales leaders define their sales strategy, transform to digital selling, implement best-practice sales methodologies, and optimize their sales content. They have helped countless enterprise companies like Salesforce, SAP, and UPS execute on their strategic growth initiatives in over 15 languages and 65 countries.

With this partnership, Corporate Visions and Outreach will be able to help mutual customers transform how they sell. Corporate Visions will work with customers to develop the best sales strategies, define the right processes and sales methodologies, and then train their sales organizations to leverage the best practice processes, messaging, and more. Outreach's AI-enabled sales execution platform serves as the foundation for these organizations to optimize their execution at scale.

Learn more about maximizing sales methodology investments in Outreach.

Corporate Vision’s goal is to help sales, marketing, and customer success leaders study their buyers, adopt a testing mentality, and purposefully prioritize their growth strategies, identify their growth levers, and enable their growth teams.

As the only end-to-end, AI-powered sales execution platform, Outreach provides a set of connected data and insights that help sales organizations rapidly refine their execution to deliver the best results amid changing market conditions, competitive pressures, and product portfolios.

This partnership will help enterprise companies accelerate their digital sales transformation and boost their sales org’s productivity and efficiency by providing them with a clear strategy, best-in-class methodologies and training, and enabling them with the only full cycle sales execution platform.

Together with Corporate Visions, we are committed to helping customers achieve their revenue goals through effective sales strategy, process, and technology alignment.

Learn more about how to unlock seller productivity, achieve sales execution excellence, and build a culture of winning sales teams by joining us at Unleash 2023 Oct. 3-5 in Seattle for a sales experience unlike any other in our industry. 


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