We upgraded our native gmail integration to auto-populate variables

Posted June 21, 2016


Today, we're excited to announce that we have yet again upgraded the new native Gmail experience with Outreach functionality, by improving how templates insert into the compose window.

As we've pushed to build a world class enhanced Gmail integration, we've looked at every way we can improve the experience.

With the Outreach Chrome Extension build version 1.1.12, as a user inserts a variable, we will now attempt to populate the variables in the template with data from the related prospect, if one exists for the person you are emailing.

The Demo

Chrome can be a little slow in distributing new versions to users, so if you're not sure if you have the new extension installed, go to your Chrome Extensions list and look for the version number to the right of the name.

If it's not version 1.1.12 or higher, you can force update by turning on Developer Mode, and then clicking Update extensions now. After the update, be sure to refresh Gmail.

Then, once setup, as you compose, if you're emailing with a prospect, and you select a template and we can insert data for the variables we will do so - like magic!

If we can't populate the variables because you're emailing with somebody who isn't a prospect, or is but is missing the data you need for your template, we will give the user a warning reminding them to manually write in the information.

Additional Information

As a reminder, this native Gmail experience is still in Beta, and if you don't yet have access to it yet, just have your org admin request access to the Early Adopter Program. Once enabled, users simply need to enable it in the options menu of their Chrome extension.

This is a huge improvement for our customers using Gmail, and we can't wait to show you what else we have coming up soon.


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