Increase sales agility with Outreach’s latest it management features

Posted July 7, 2021

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By Riyaz Habibbhai

Senior Director of Product Marketing at Outreach

Finding the right balance between innovation and execution is easier said than done. We know organizations and IT teams are under increasing pressure to drive revenue and scale operations. It’s no surprise that more than 76% of IT leaders say they struggle to find the right balance between business innovation and making sure business operations run smoothly.

With IT teams and admins already spread thin, the growing need to support new transformative projects makes it harder than ever for teams to execute.

No one wants to waste time on mundane busy work.

That’s why at Outreach, we continue to look for ways to ease this pressure for IT leaders. To do so, we’re making it easier for organizations to innovate and maintain business continuity with two new capabilities in Outreach – Outreach Automated User Provisioning and Outreach CRM Configuration Manager. These features help organizations save time on administrative work, improve change management processes, and reduce security and compliance risk at scale.

Ensure the right users have access to the right content, with automated user provisioning

As organizations grow, manual user management becomes a significant pain point and security risk. For example, a user that’s not deprovisioned in a timely manner after they leave the company would still have access to a platform like Outreach (and any content housed there), until their password expires.

Outreach Automated User Provisioning helps organizations streamline user lifecycle management by automating user provisioning and keeping user accounts and permissions in sync with the organization's identity provider of choice. By centralizing the user lifecycle management logic, organizations reduce security and compliance risks by efficiently and effectively managing identity and access from one system.

The efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy gains also allow organizations to quickly onboard sellers with the right system access.

Automated User Provisioning

To start automating user provisioning in Outreach, customers have the option to either build a custom integration with Outreach via the Outreach SCIM API or they can go to the Okta Integration Network. Learn more here.

“Outreach Automated User Provisioning enables us to take advantage of our existing SSO provider and ensures that every new hire has the right access to Outreach, right away.”

Optimize change management processes for CRM plugin changes

Organizations are increasingly trying to optimize their change management processes to predict and reduce risk, increase change velocity, and put controls in place for recovery in the event of a failure. Unfortunately, traditional solutions lack the ability to automatically migrate configuration changes from a sandbox to a production environment. This means setting up, testing and migrating changes is manual, error prone and unduly time consuming.

Outreach CRM Configuration Manager helps organizations save time and reduce cost by letting admins easily backup, migrate and restore a snapshot of their CRM plugin configuration in just a few clicks. This process takes about 15 minutes, compared to a 4-hour manual process.

Increase sales agility inline asset with statistic that admins gain back 94% of their time with Outreach CRM Configuration Manager

That means admins gain back 94% of their time with Outreach CRM Configuration Manager— time that can then be focused on more important initiatives that help drive business outcomes.

By reducing the time and effort to test and deploy CRM plugin changes, Outreach CRM Configuration Manager also helps organizations reduce the risk of downtime and its associated costs. Unlike other vendors, our capability also provides flexible controls that enable organizations to backup and rollback changes to reduce severity of accidental downtime.

screenshot that shoes the CRM configuration manager on the outreach platform

Outreach CRM Configuration Manager is available today - learn more here.

Get Started!

We look forward to sharing more updates in the near future, but in the meantime, get started with these new capabilities and let us know what you think by sharing this article on LinkedIn with your comments or questions!


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