How a customer success leader uses Outreach

Posted March 12, 2024

Meet Leana Hart, who leads the digital scale customer success team at Outreach. As a CS leader, her typical day begins with an overview of the task queue to see the volume and types of requests coming in.

She then delegates tasks to her team members, who will use specific collections in Outreach to keep track of the content they need to follow up on those tasks: sequences, templates, and snippets.

Leana and her team leverage Success Plans to align on who is working on a specific account and the actions they’re taking when talking with their customers. Leana will check the accounts’ status and make sure her team is supporting their customers appropriately. 

When confronting more complex issues, Leana uses Outreach's Smart Meeting Assist to catch up on past customer calls. By reviewing call summaries, understanding any objections raised, and noting action items, Leana ensures she’s prepared to support customer escalations.


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