The 10 coolest things you can send prospects by adding direct mail into your sequences

Posted October 2, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

We’ve partnered with Sendoso to bring your sequences to life with the power of direct mail - at scale!

Have you ever wished you could take that hard-to-get-a-hold-of prospect out for coffee, but they’re located in another time zone? Ever thought about sending over some sick swag after a killer demo, but the post office is 30 minutes away and closes 2 hours before you leave the office? BOOM- now you can! We’re excited to partner with Sendoso to level up your sales sequence formula with direct mail marketing.

With Sendoso, you can create an interactive experience by sending gifts to prospects such as swag, and handwritten notes, adding a unique and memorable component to your sequences. Any sales rep or account executive can now find direct mail sequence steps right within Outreach to add in at any point in the sales cycle. With a Sendoso-powered sequence, you can take your prospecting offline by sending physical mail to make your calls and emails stand out from other companies reaching out to them. And best of all - you’ll never have to wait in line at the post office on your lunch break to do it.

Hyped to start sending your prospects cool stuff, but don’t know where to start? Here are the 10 coolest things (in our humble opinion) that you can add to a sequence with the Sendoso + Outreach integration:

1. Socks

Sendoso socks

I know what you’re thinking...Socks?! Yes, we’re 100% serious. Why? Because you’re about to give your prospect a demo that will knock their freaking socks off, and you want to make sure they have a backup pair. For one, this witty show of confidence will put a smile on even the most reluctant prospect’s face. And most importantly, who’s going to not show up to a demo after you’ve made such a strong point that you’re going to amaze them?

Pro tip: A nice pair of trouser socks are the gift that keeps on giving. If your prospect receives a high-quality pair that looks and feels nice, they’ll be excited to wear them. And the more they wear your socks, the more they advertise your brand to the people they interact with.

2. A fun seasonal surprise

Wilson football in a box, packaged as a gift

Sending a “door opener” mailer is a great way to break through the noise and get a prospect’s attention. It’s fall, so you know what that means to many people in the US - football season! If your office is anything like ours at Outreach, many people here enjoy tossing a football around to bond with their teams and get a break from their screens. Sendoso can include a handwritten note (maybe tell your prospect what a baller they are), add branded color crinkle paper, and use custom branded packing tape.

3. Postcards

purple and green thank you cards

Vintage is in, and for more than just clothes. In this overwhelmingly digital time, we often forget that direct mail continues to have a fantastic ROI. It’s simple, cost-effective, and stands out in a world of PPC and Facebook ads.

Have your marketing team create persona- and industry-specific postcards that your sales team can trigger out on-demand to add more variety to your Sequence. Postcards can work especially well when you use them to drive a prospect to an event or webinar. They’re also a great way to drive sales to more cost-sensitive customers by offering an exclusive deal or promo code.

Pro tip: Postcards are a great tactic for your ABM/ABS campaigns.

4. A sweet surprise

cookies on a baking sheet

Yum! Who doesn’t enjoy cookies? Cookies are a gift that the whole office can enjoy. Sendoso, in partnership with Doughbies, can add cookies as a “sweet” next step in a sequence.

You can send cookies or cupcakes nationwide with next-day delivery (and same day delivery if your prospect is in San Francisco!), which can be a quick way to target prospects. Setup a sequence where Step 1 is an intro email with a teaser that some treats are on their way. Step 2 sends the treats, and then Step 3 can be 2-3 days later, after the snacks have been delivered, as a nice follow-up to drive home your message.

5. A virtual coffee date

hands holding coffee hugs doing a cheers

Instant and always enjoyed, eGifts can be a great real-time addition to our outreach options. If you’re prospecting outside of your city, you can send your prospect a Starbucks gift card and invite them on a virtual coffee date. The power of reciprocity works wonders and buying a prospect a coffee while you chat goes a long way.  

Pro Tip: This can work almost anywhere in a Sequence. Embedding a personalized Vidyard video with an eGift message can be powerfully personal.

6. A Handwritten Note

A handwritten thank you note

Handwritten notes are a dying art, but that makes them all the more meaningful - and makes it much more likely that you’ll stand out for sending one. Sendoso has a team of writers with A+ penmanship who will compose and pen your note on your behalf.  We can even print your scrawl onto a post-it-note for an extra authentic touch.

Think about placing a handwritten note in step 6 or 7 of a cold prospecting sequence as a way to engage with a prospect who hasn’t responded yet to your emails, calls, or social touchpoints. Another powerful way to use handwritten notes in conjunction with marketing-triggered events. If an inbound lead engages with online content, add them to a sequence that starts off with a handwritten note to really catch their attention.

7. S’more meetings

Outreach gift boxes with s'mores inside

A sweet surprise is even better when it’s delivered in a punchy and clever way. Our team recently sent s’mores kits to large accounts we’re targeting to share how Outreach will help them book “s’more meetings”. Whatever your product does, send your prospects an upscale s’mores kit, with a note that shows how your product can help them realize s’more revenue, meetings, cost savings, etc. No one forgets a well-thought-out pun, especially when it’s that delicious!

8. Video on demand

Sendoso white gift box

It’s really hard to bring prospects to your video content online. So stop trying to bring them to your content and bring your content to them, instead! Maximize engagement with a box that plays your video when opened. This box with a built-in video player and speaker will capture attention. Plus who can resist watching a video that’s so important you had to physically send it to them?

Pro Tip: Use this sparingly since the costs for video mailers can be expensive. Think about saving video for your tier 1 prospects.

9. Something to bring decision makers together

VISA gift card in a box

For more complex enterprise sales that require a buying committee with champions, influencers, and executive sponsors, think about ways to bring them all together with the power of an interactive experience. One of Sendoso’s customers recently sent a prospect on the buying committee combo locked box with a handwritten note letting them know a different colleague had the code to get in. That person received a clipboard with a note mentioning their colleague who got the box, the $200 gift card inside, and the combo lock code to get in.

This idea is amazing on so many levels. For one, you’re bringing all of your stakeholders together in a way centered around your company. Secondly, you’re giving them a puzzle they have to think about rather than something they’ll mindlessly glance at and throw away. And third, with a substantial gift card inside, there’s an incentive for your recipients to come together and solve the puzzle.

Pro Tip: Do your research first to make sure the contact data is accurate and up-to-date. Create two separate Sequences one for the combo lock group and the other for the clipboard group. Step 1 can be to send the mailer and Step 2 can be to email and follow-up.

10. Literally, anything you want

If it’s on Amazon, Sendoso can hook it up! Account Based Sales and Marketing is all about delivering a very tailored and personal experience. By leveraging Sendoso’s integration, you can order anything from Amazon to be sent to the Sendoso warehouse, re-boxed with custom packing tape and a handwritten note written before delivered to the final recipient.

Use LinkedIn to see what sports, college, and interests your prospect enjoys and send them something relevant.

In our super virtual world, we often forget the simple joy of receiving a piece of mail that’s not a bill or the weekly grocery store coupon ad. By delighting your prospects with a thoughtful package or note, you can stand out from the crowd and foster a relationship of trust. And after all, trust is the basis of any successful customer relationship.


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