Now administrators can sync users data in from salesforce for roles assignment

Posted May 16, 2016


Today, I'm excited to announce that we have released fully customizable user profiles within Outreach.

This is an incredible step forward for our customers, especially for those with over twenty team members, where determining who is allowed to perform various actions becomes mission critical to team success.

Just like Salesforce's profiles, administrators can create as many profiles as they need, and once created and configured, they simply need to assign a specific set of users to that profile.

The Demo

Profiles are accessed by users with the administrator profile in the settings section on the left. By default, Outreach comes with two profiles - Admin, and Default.

After clicking into a profile, admins will first see the set of users assigned to that profile. By clicking on Settings, admins can then see all the settings which can be modified to fit the needs of the organization for users assigned to that profile.

When creating new profiles, simply click Add, and name your profile before creating it. Then modify any settings needed before assigning users. Lastly, users can be reassigned to any profile needed from the users list, or directly on a user settings page.

Additional Information

While profiles isn't likely the place your administrators will spend all their time, we have found it's important to provide the controls for admins to allow or deny certain actions for certain sets of users to help them be successful.

One common pattern we've seen is that organizations who are hiring brand new employees choose to lock permissions down a little further to help focus them on certain tasks before they become more experienced.

Take a look at our support article below for more information on common ways that organizations use profiles to guide their teams to success.


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