Introducing snippets

Posted December 12, 2016

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

As an expert in your product, you frequently find yourself answering the same questions with the same answers over and over and over. Emailing a large number of prospects the same content every day is exhausting and monotonous.

We all have shortcuts for this scenario - TextExpander, email macros, and notepads help store answers to frequently asked questions. Nevertheless, this method slows down your response time as you switch between browser windows or try to remember the shortcut used to find the appropriate text for your reply.

Introducing Snippets

In response to this pain point, Outreach is introducing Snippets. Snippets act like an email template shortcut, allowing you to drop smaller bits of texts, links, or paragraphs, into emails to answer frequently asked questions with the click of a button. Snippets will reduce the time and effort of replying to your prospects by simplifying the workflow and ensuring the answers provided are the right answers.

But I already have templates, why do I need Snippets? How do Snippets differ from Templates?

Selecting a template from the compose window will replace all existing text in the subject line and body of the email. A snippet will insert text where the cursor is located without replacing any existing text. You can easily add additional information to an existing template, follow-up sequence, or scheduled manual email.

Snippets in Outreach

Snippets are found on the left hand side navigation panel of the Outreach platform and are created by taking the same steps used to create new templates. 


Once created, you can add a Snippet to an email response within Outreach to include additional information:


Or add a snippet to a manual email from the task view:


Best Practices

  • Variables can be used when creating snippets, and will make your reply more personal
  • Use snippets to help wrap up emails and add hyperlinks for further engagement
  • Combine snippets to build new content or expand on current content
  • Add descriptive titles to your snippets so you know exactly which snippet to use! Need a blurb about signing up for a demo? Search for titles related to demo responses to see the snippets provided


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