Enterprise-class governance

Modern governance that supports the way your organization sells and does business

Outreach provides a unified governance and administration experience that enables admins to manage users and data from one platform with flexible and granular governance controls that improve team collaboration and seller productivity.

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Over 6,000 global customers trust Outreach

Enhance team-based selling models

Teamwork among reps is essential to an organizations’ success — as each rep brings different skill sets and knowledge to help create and close pipeline.  

To support more complex sales motions that often involve more team based selling, Outreach provides flexible governance capabilities that allows reps to easily access and collaborate on shared records and content.

  • Support team-based selling workflows by enabling multiple users to be assigned any record.
  • Granular access control that can be configured to restrict access to content.

Meet internal and external requirements, while also improving seller productivity

Organizations are only able to run as fast and as far as their governance policies, procedures and controls enable them. To support the way you run your business,  meet internal and external requirements, and improve seller productivity, Outreach provides a broad set of admin controlled governance capabilities.

  • Profiles are configured in Outreach to allow or deny certain activity within the platform.
  • Granular access control can be configured to restrict access to content.
  • Control how long voice recordings and email data persists within Outreach.

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