Introducing call recording for Outreach Voice to coach calling skills

Posted June 7, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach

Editor's Note: For the latest updates about call recording in Outreach, check out the product blog or learn more about Outreach Guide.

The family of Outreach Voice features is designed to help reps execute their activities, and become more effective day after day by identifying opportunities to improve.

Today, we're excited to announce that we have released Call Recording as an advanced feature of Outreach Voice. One of the most important aspects of making a team effective in their dialing flows is the ability to sales coach calling skills, including how reps navigate everything from directory services and secretaries, to the actual conversations with the people they're trying to reach.

For a manager, being able to review conversations and identify opportunities for a rep to improve sales call skills is one of the most effective tools in a coach's toolbox. After seeing it in action, we think you'll see why this feature is such an important aspect of an efficient sales team.

Once Call Recording is enabled for an org, individuals with the Admin user profile can enable Call Recording for any set of users directly on the corresponding user profiles.

Once call recording is enabled for a user profile, users with that profile will then have the option to record or not record their calls. By default, Call Recording also comes with a feature enabled that provides a two-party consent reminder dialog for a user on each call they make with recording on. If an org's administrator feels they have trained their users well enough on this for it not to be necessary, the administrator can simply disable this feature on the user profile.

As users complete their calls, they will have the option to retain or discard a call recording when logging the call notes and outcome. Once a call is logged with an attached recording, the audio can be listened to by clicking on the recording in the activity feed, or from the calls history section, accessed on the left navigation.

As always, Outreach will post call activities to Salesforce if the bi-directional sync is configured to do so, and for call activities that have call recordings, Outreach will include a link to the audio file within the body of the activity posted.

Additional Information

Call Recording is a powerful feature of any sales team that leverages dialing as a part of their overall strategy. As you leverage this advanced feature of Outreach Voice, please be aware of the concepts of single-party and two-party consent as it pertains to your team, both for the location they are in, as well as the parties you are calling. If you don't have Call Recording enabled for your org, and wish to have access this advanced feature, please contact your sales representative.


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