Introducing the new Gmail integration

Posted February 7, 2017

Engaging with prospects is harder than ever and in response, Sales Reps are working harder than ever - in a variety of tools - to secure meetings. Responding to emails, scheduling meetings, and updating leads in your CRM is inefficient and wastes valuable time.  As a result, your team risks forgetting to close the loop and allows warm prospects to drop on the floor.

Our goal is to ensure you remain productive and increase sales effectiveness. The Gmail integration powers your day from your inbox, so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks while Outreach automatically syncs updates into the Outreach platform and Salesforce.

Product Overview

We’ve upgraded the Gmail integration with a new design and addition features, including Snippets. The Gmail integration features many powerful Outreach capabilities, including:

  • Templates - Quickly insert commonly used text for emails through a simple picker.
  • Snippets - Drop smaller bits of texts, links, or paragraphs anywhere in your email to answer FAQs with the click of a button.
  • Sequences - If you don’t receive a reply, automatically follow-up with your leads.
  • Tasks - Schedule a reminder for yourself to take action on a lead
  • Click tracking - See when leads click your links, and see where they are at.
  • Open tracking - Know when leads are opening your messages, by device and location.
  • Send Later - Schedule the delivery time and date of your message
  • Salesforce Posting - Automatically post activities to salesforce in the background, without manual actions.
  • Voice - connect with prospects via phone, directly from Gmail


The new Gmail integration is live now and available in the Chrome Web Store. Our support article provides the steps to update the Chrome Extension and dives deeper into the updates, including updates to the design, and how to use snippets and the “send later” functionality.


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