Outreach 2023 recap

Posted January 1, 2024

Leslie headshot

By Leslie Pendergrast

Chief People Officer at Outreach

In sales, “boring” simply doesn’t exist. We’re proud to support millions of sellers, GTM leaders, and AEs worldwide as we celebrate our 2023 wins. 

Empowered millions and millions of sales interactions

Outreach users booked 2.6m meetings, ran 985k sequences, triggered 1m content cards, built 11k+ success plans, and hosted 800k Kaia live calls and meetings. You’ve been busy! 

outreach 2023 recap 3x year over year platform revenue
Outreach 2023 recap graphic
outreach 2023 graphic showing 2.6 million meetings booked
Outreach 2023 recap 985k email sequences
Outreach 2023 recap 1 million Kaia content cards triggered
outreach recap 2023 11,000+ active success plans
outreach 2023 recap 800k kaia live calls and meetings
outreach 2023 recap 3x year over year platform revenue
Outreach 2023 recap graphic

Hosted the best sales conference ever

Unleash 2023 brought our global GTM community together in Seattle for an epic three days of personal and professional growth. 

Announced new Smart AI Assist capabilities

We revealed a stacked lineup of new generative AI capabilities within Outreach, designed to help every rep unlock their full potential. 

Welcomed new leaders

David Ruggiero, Ali Jawin, and Abhijit Mitra brought new momentum to Outreach’s executive leadership team. 

Outreach team at Unleash

Launched our biggest sales kick-off yet 

Outreach’s entire GTM org teamed up to flex their discovery, qualification, and pitching skills. We use our own product, so we keep our skills sharp.

people standing together in a group

Held an executive roundtable

Manny Medina invited visionary leaders from Corporate Visions, Demandbase, F5, Microsoft, SAP, and Twilio to discuss the transformation of enterprise sales in an exclusive enterprise roundtable.

Expanded our ecosystem 

We launched Outreach data sharing on the Snowflake Data Cloud, integrations with Hubspot and Webex by Cisco, a partnership with Corporate Visions, and availability on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

outreach marketplace banner

Won some big awards

Manny Medina at web summit

Thank you to our customers and fellow Outreachers for making this an unforgettable year. We’ll see you in 2024!


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