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Posted July 11, 2018

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Opportunities are the main indicator of success for every company’s revenue team. They track every engagement with your prospects and customers throughout their entire journey with your company, making it easier to forecast your pipeline and hit your monthly, quarterly, and annual business goals. The status of your opportunities and how they are progressing through your pipeline indicates how revenue efficient your team is, and opportunities are a critical point of reference in every customer-facing rep’s or manager’s day.

Earlier this year, we shared that we are investing deeply in bringing Salesforce opportunities into Outreach in a meaningful and actionable way that helps your team better manage pipeline, close deals faster, and drive greater revenue efficiency. Today, we’re excited to announce that the first phase of opportunities capabilities are now generally available to all of our customers!

With this release, all Outreach users can now view opportunities right in Outreach, track pipeline through every stage, and see and contact active prospects in an opportunity to quickly and strategically move deals forward.

  • The ability to view opportunities in Outreach provides clear visibility into your entire sales pipeline - from new business to expansion - across your entire revenue team. You can sort, filter, favorite, and create smart views of Opportunities to know which ones have been recently engaged with, which opportunities are close to closing, and which opportunities are ready to be re-engaged.
Opportunities view within the Outreach platform

You can also filter opportunities by deal stage to ensure your individual, team, and company pipeline is sufficiently stocked, and see the dollar value of your pipeline at a glance.

filter view of sales opportunities within the Outreach sales execution platform
  • Reps can take action to work opportunities right from Outreach. By clicking into an opportunity, they can see their history with the opportunity, see active prospects, and take action, such as sequencing or emailing those prospects, to move those opportunities forward. You can work prospects from an opportunity individually or in bulk.
  • With activity attribution, actions taken on an opportunity in Outreach will be synced back to Salesforce so your team can understand the activity that moved a deal forward. Automating this process ensures that data is always up to date (let’s be honest - nobody is logging every email they send back to a Salesforce opportunity if they have to do it manually!) and reduces errors in data entry for consistent and accurate reporting.

And of course, we’re giving you these features with the governance you need to make sure the right people on your team see only the most relevant data in Outreach. Account admins will be able to determine who on their team can access information about opportunities from Outreach, keeping every member of the team laser focused on crushing their goals.

Our early adopters of opportunities are already seeing huge time savings on their teams as their closers spend less time toggling back to Salesforce to pull opportunity data, and can more strategically take action to close opportunities from Outreach. Yotam Yemini, SVP of Field Operations at Quantum Metric, said:  

"As a high-growth company, we count on Outreach to help our entire Sales organization work smarter. Outreach has helped my reps open new doors, and now having access to opportunities data is helping them more effectively manage and accelerate their existing deals.  This isn’t just a win for my [full-cycle] reps, who are finding that they’re more productive every day, but it’s also giving me better predictability into how our business is progressing at both the individual and team levels via Outreach’s seamless integration with Salesforce."

Over the next few months we’re excited to continue building the most robust and actionable opportunity feature set in the Customer Engagement space. Throughout the year, we’ll be releasing the following capabilities:

  • Leveraging the power of automation to engage more deeply with opportunities by using triggers and variables.
  • Opportunities wherever you work -- from your inbox to LinkedIn and beyond -- with Outreach Everywhere integration.
  • And the ability to create and edit opportunities right from Outreach!

We’re committed to helping you increase revenue efficiency with actionable visibility into your pipeline across your whole revenue organization. Today’s release of Opportunities in Outreach is just the start of that commitment. To get started viewing and working opportunities from Outreach, check out our support documentation


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