Improve forecasting, deal management, and data privacy with the latest Outreach features

Posted August 17, 2022

By Andrea Youmans

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

At Outreach, we are continually improving our products based on customer needs and the latest technology advancements. During the current economic climate, everyone is being asked to do more with what they have to drive revenue. That’s why earlier this summer we announced general availability of Deal Health in Outreach Guide to help sellers and managers spot and prioritize which deals to focus on and when to increase seller efficiency and close more deals.

We are now thrilled to announce several new product enhancements to better help your teams generate more pipeline, close more deals, and increase revenue visibility to weather any economic storm. Keep reading to learn more about our latest capabilities:

  • Forecast flexibility
  • Focused meetings
  • Enhanced prospecting
  • Updated data privacy features

Forecast flexibility: Enhanced configurability to help you forecast with confidence

Given the current economic environment, reducing forecast risk and calling your number with confidence is critical for sales and RevOps leaders.

When analyzing your pipeline or creating your forecast, it’s important to be able to configure and view your business in a way that delivers the insights you need and helps you report to your stakeholders. New in Outreach Commit is the ability to create custom filters for the full range of pipeline reports. And, in Scenario Planner, you can now apply additional pipeline filters from fields on your opportunities to see how they might impact your forecast outcomes. We also updated our automated forecast roll-up to help you more easily view the various segments of your business such as growth, expansion, and renewals from a single location. Forecast views can be directly created and managed within the admin interface to meet your needs and process, and you can control access for each based on your team hierarchy to ensure the right level of forecast visibility for all levels of your organization.

Focused meetings: Keep a close eye on meeting trends when every buyer interaction means winning or losing key deals

As a sales manager, it's important to understand what is happening with your team’s deals and we all know it’s impossible to be on every call and in every meeting. Meeting highlights and trends allow you to keep a pulse on your business, provide targeted coaching, and help unblock deals and ensure follow-up. Kaia’s new recording page and UI make it easier than ever to quickly see what’s going on in key prospect and customer meetings. With new Saved Search Trends, you can now also track meeting interactions and save reports to ensure your team is talking about the right details and engaging buyers throughout the process. Saved In addition, Search Trends gives you the ability to customize a report and get daily or weekly emails straight to your inbox.

Enhanced prospecting: Bring call intelligence to seller workflows with Kaia for Outreach Voice

Eighty-two percent of B2B decision makers think sellers are unprepared for their meetings. It’s time to get your prospecting team the assist they need the moment a call connects. Using Kaia, you can better equip your prospecting teams with real-time content to help move conversations forward straight from the Outreach Voice dialer. Kaia for Outreach Voice brings the same CI experience to your voice calls with AI-triggered content cards, the ability to track key moments with bookmarks and notes, and insights into how the call went after it occurred. Enablement on value props, messaging, pricing, and competitors in the moment is a game changer and confidence builder when tough prospect questions are asked.

Updated data privacy features: Proactively protecting your data at scale

When you engage with your customers, some sales data can have personal and regulated information, which can increase data privacy risk. To help achieve operational efficiency, Outreach takes comprehensive measures to help customers proactively protect their personal information at scale. Here are a few new updates to help your organization.

New HIPAA attestation and support for BAA

When engaging with healthcare prospects, customers, and covered entities, meeting data privacy requirements is a must, which is why Outreach now has HIPAA attestation to cover PHI data that’s incidentally stored in Outreach. In addition to HIPAA attestation, you now have the option to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to provide a contractual commitment. Access the HIPAA assessment letter and HIPAA whitepaper at

New reporting capabilities for Outreach Engage in the EU datacenter

For those operating in the EU that require data residency and want to go beyond GDPR, we now have reporting capabilities for Outreach Insights in the EU datacenter as part of Outreach Engage. Outreach Insights leverages AI-driven reporting to help equip you with real-time, actionable insights into playbooks, people, and processes. Learn more here.

Generate more pipeline and win more deals now

We look forward to seeing you put these new capabilities to use to better help your teams generate more pipeline and win more deals with less effort — all while increasing sales execution efficiency through the Outreach Sales Execution Platform.

To learn more about all of our latest product innovations, check out our Outreach Explore event page.


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