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Posted May 23, 2023

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By Caroline Shin

Director of Product Marketing at Outreach

Organizations are only able to run as fast and as far as their governance policies, procedures and controls enable them.  Effective governance can break down data silos, boost seller productivity, and improve collaboration by providing appropriate access, visibility, and actions to each seller.

Today, we're thrilled to announce our latest innovation in Governance. Content Governance is a new solution that leverages Teams and Collections to help organizations better control and manage access to content at scale. 

Read further to learn more about how Content Governance can: 

  • Boost seller productivity and collaboration 
  • Help meet internal and external compliance requirements 
  • Reduce the burden on admins 

Boost seller productivity and collaboration 

According to Forrester Research, only 23% of reps' time is spent in the most productive way - actually selling. Unfortunately, trying to find the right content and collateral often slows a seller down - and this is only getting more challenging as more content is created. 

With Content Governance, organizations can restrict access to Sequences, Templates, and Snippets only to users that should see them. Sellers will now only have the most relevant content inside their content experiences instead of filtering or searching through all the content shared with the entire organization

This also means sellers can quickly put contacts into the right sequence, then apply the right templates and snippets for every conversation throughout the sales cycle. Whether that is region, role, or opportunity stage-specific, sellers will always have the right content at their fingertips. 

A screenshot of a content governance sequence page from a sales software tool, Outreach. The interface has a clean, professional design with a light background. It features a list of sequences, each with details such as sequence name, status, and metrics like open rates, reply rates, and completion rates. There are columns for "Name," "Status," "Total Sent," "Open Rate," "Reply Rate," and "Completion Rate." Each sequence entry is displayed in rows, allowing users to easily compare and manage different sequences. The top of the page includes filters and search options to help users navigate through the sequences.
Reps will only see content shared with them, reducing the need to filter and find what’s relevant to them.

As reps review active sequences and templates that are in progress, they will only see those that are shared with them explicitly (through Teams and Collections). 

Lastly, we are introducing a Public collection of content that doesn’t need to be restricted. Any content associated with the Public collection will be available to everyone in the organization. 

Help meet internal and external compliance requirements

In addition to enhancing rep productivity by ensuring sellers have visibility to the right content, governance is critical to helping organizations meet compliance requirements. Data privacy regulations often require access controls to be configured so that data is limited to only those who need to access and perform their work - and limited to the minimum amount to achieve those purposes. 

With Content Governance, organizations can enforce access control boundaries on Teams and Collections - reducing the burden on sellers to know what they should and shouldn’t access. For example, admins can create a content collection for EMEA, then associate the specific reps in a Team-specific to that region, which prevents other users that may be from a different geography from accessing the content collection. This helps organizations to flexibly maintain the geographic access boundary through the power of more granular governance controls.  

content governance graphic
Content Governance enables admins to enforce access control boundaries on Teams and Collections - ensuring the right teams have access to the right content contained in Collection

Reduce the burden on admins

Lastly, as organizations continue to grow and become more complex, it becomes increasingly important to use automated processes and policies to manage and govern content. Unfortunately, only using Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) require admins to manage a high volume of profiles (i.e. roles) or require creating another separate instance. All this increases cost and complexity to manage.

With Content Governance, Outreach provides a complementary governance model to RBAC that enables organizations to apply access control policies more granularly and flexibly through Teams and Collections versus only profiles. For example, if you have a team of sellers in France that should not see or use content created for the sellers in the US, organizations that only use RBAC would have to create separate profiles  - multiplied by the different roles, regions, segments, and or verticals. This leads to profile and role proliferation.  

With Content Governance, admins can instead simply put the sellers in a Team, the content the sellers need to see in a Collection, and finally, associate the Team to the Collection. For organizations that use Teams to manage their sales organization, this provides a very clean and simple governance model. 

Admins can also save time by empowering content managers with the appropriate permissions to create, update, and delete Teams and Collections.

Content Governance Admin Content Manager
With Content Governance, admins can create a profile for a Content Manager, then assign permissions to create, update and delete Teams and Collections

We look forward to sharing more in this area, including additional Governance controls, such as delegating day-to-day admin tasks to people in your organization who are closer to the sales workflows and the content your sales team needs to accelerate deals. 

Get started 

Content Governance is now generally available to customers today. If you are an Outreach customer, we recommend reviewing the documentation and trying this out in a sandbox first. If you are new to Outreach, request a demo to learn more. 


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