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How a CCO uses Outreach to support customer renewals

Posted February 27, 2024

By Mike Zinne

Chief Customer Officer at Outreach

Mike shows how he tracks customer expansion and renewal deals from the Outreach platform. As a CCO, he uses Outreach to track what’s projected to close and how churn and contraction are trending during the quarter. At a glance, Outreach helps him identify top opportunities, see when they’re going to renew, and the processes and activities that support their renewal.

To prepare for customer calls, Mike can get all of the details and context he needs right from the platform: the frequency and types of activities, what’s going well and what needs improvement, the Success Plan that outlines the steps required to execute that renewal and call transcripts with highlights. In minutes, he can gather all the context needed to continue the conversation. 

Now, instead of using internal meeting time to gather information, Mike’s team is focused on how they can better serve our customers.

Less time searching. More time selling.

Outreach helps every member of the sales organization save time and take action — all from one single platform. Chat with our sales team to see what it can do for your team.


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