You can now customize your list of call purposes for activity tracking

Posted June 13, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, we're excited to announce that we have released customizable Call Purposes to help users and team managers track the purpose of their calls, whether calling out, or receiving inbound calls.

Within Salesforce, many organizations use a field named Call Type for this same purpose, commonly holding values such as Demo Request, Negotiation Call, Qualifying Call, and more.

Now, administrators can configure this field within Outreach to enable team members to accurately log the information with their calls that lets team managers run data analysis on who is making or receiving calls of what type, both from within Outreach and Salesforce.

The Demo

Users with the Admin user profile can access and modify the Call Purpose picklist of options from within Settings, Calls, and the Purposes section.

Call Purposes come with four default options, but administrators can add new call purposes, control the order of them, and even edit existing purposes.

Within the call logging window, the Call Purposes dropdown is available above the Call Disposition.

Additional Information

As a best practice, if your organization is also on Salesforce, we recommend you match your Outreach Call Purposes against your call type field options within Salesforce, so that the activities we post match the schema you've already created.

This feature is available within Outreach right now as a standard system configuration option, without needing Outreach Voice enabled, so that you and your team can use it even if you're still doing manual dialing and call logging.


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