Unleash 2023

The top 5 moments you missed at Unleash

Posted October 30, 2023

By Ali Jawin

SVP of Marketing at Outreach

Unleash 2023 promised to supercharge mindsets, toolsets, and skill sets — and it delivered.

Over 1,200 GTM professionals joined us in Seattle as we unveiled new AI-powered capabilities and embraced the spirit of innovation that's central to our ethos. Today, it's clear that we're not just talking about the future of sales, we're actively shaping it.

If you missed out or just want to relive the awesomeness, here's your backstage pass to the greatest hits from the conference. We’re talking about visionary keynotes, new product announcements, an AI reckoning — plus rallies, puppies, parties, and so much more. 

1. We learned how to craft a winning content strategy

As part of the Training Day series, experts across Outreach’s product and customer success teams shared their best practices in sessions focused on using Outreach to interpret sales data, forecast, measure ROI, increase adoption, and more. 

Our most popular session, “Crafting a winning content strategy” laid out the best practices to support GTM team workflows within the platform. Outreach product experts Michaela and Austin showed us how to build a content roadmap that converts, implement a maintenance schedule, and conduct A/B tests — all to ensure your GTM workflows support the growth of your organization. 

Want to improve the way your team uses Outreach? Chat with our sales team.

2. We had an honest conversation about career advancement and self-promotion with women in sales

Last year, Outreach launched its premier Women in Sales Summit in Napa, CA. It was more than just an event; it was part of a much larger movement designed to bring together women in sales-related roles and ignite the flames of collaboration, connection, and career advancement.

That’s why we were so excited to bring our Women in Sales Summit to Unleash this year. Alongside the conference, we hosted an exclusive panel discussion and networking session. With over 250 women GTM leaders in attendance, we covered essential topics like finding executive sponsors, career advancement, and self-promotion.

Special thanks to our guest presenters and panelists: Maria Rodrigues Koller, Jenna Lang, Sara Dean, and Montana von Fliss — as well as Alyson Baber, Angela Garinger, Grace Presnick, and Kelly Shara from the Outreach team.

3. We saw why AI-powered selling isn’t just a buzzword

As technology and buyer behavior rapidly evolve, success will be achieved by the people and companies who are leading the change, not by those who are waiting for change to happen to them. 

But change doesn’t come overnight. Even when we logically understand the need, taking action often requires a change in your mindset too. That’s where our guest keynote speakers came in. Mel Robbins helped us face our fears and learn how to take action with the “5 second rule.” Later in the day, Cassandra showed how we can adjust our mindset to enthusiastically embrace change.

On the keynote stage and in breakouts, Outreach leaders shared how we’re empowering sales leaders to get instant visibility into the health of their pipeline, coach reps, collaborate with their buyers, close deals faster, and drive more revenue — all within Outreach’s AI-powered sales platform.

Watch Unleash 2023 on demand! Unlock the keynote videos, AI product news, and live demos now. 

4. We learned new strategies to sell to the C-Suite

Unleash was filled with breakout sessions from sales experts, with speakers ranging from CROs, RevOps and sales managers, as well as AEs. 

Nick Cegliski and Armand Farrokh, co-hosts of 30 Minutes to President’s Club, led one of our favorite breakout sessions: a live podcast recording! Together, they walked us through “the golden path” — how to close deals that originate with an executive. Using real examples in Outreach, Nick and Armand showed us exactly how to schedule and run discovery and debrief meetings to avoid deal fatigue with above-the-line buyers. 

Listen the to full session on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

5. We played with puppies, performed in pep rallies, and partied at the MoPop!

Between all the meetings, keynotes, and breakouts there were also plenty of surprises — from the epic marching bands leading the parade up all 5 flights of escalators into the event hub, to the puppy pen from Sacred Hearts Animal Sanctuary. 

The night culminated with a party at the MoPop, Seattle’s museum of pop culture. With glow sticks in tow, we explored the exhibits, took full advantage of the taco bar, and sang along with surprise music guest, Sir Mix-a-Lot. Baby got SaaS, anyone? 

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