Outreach now uses artificial intelligence to resolve the identity of indirect replies

Posted July 14, 2016

By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, we're excited to announce that we have enhanced our already incredible reply detection with artificial intelligence to determine whether the response you received was from the same or different person you originally emailed.

In Account-Based Sales, sometimes the people you contact will email you back from a different email address at the same domain, sometimes a different domain altogether, and sometimes they will even forward your email to a colleague, who replies.

While we have always been able to detect these types of replies, we have now released artificial intelligence in our reply detection to sort out which of those scenarios it is, and automatically add contact info to existing records, or create new prospects to track.

The Demo

In this scenario, we used the Outreach Gmail integration to send an email to a prospect, using the email address we have for them, and when the prospect replied, they rused a different email address.

As always, Outreach will detect this reply and mark it accordingly in the platform.

The artificial intelligence will then look at the email address and determine whether it is most likely associated with the same prospect, or with a colleague of that prospect.

In this case, the AI determines it is the same prospect, and will automatically add the contact information to the prospect record as a second email address.

In scenarios where a colleague has responded, we will detect this, and we will create a new prospect. As always, the Salesforce connection will look to see if a matching mapping exists in Salesforce, and do an initial pull down of all information for the record to enrich the prospect.

Additional Information

Being able to identify whether the reply is coming from a colleague, or the original prospect, is important in running your Account-Based Sales effectively, as well as ensuring your activities are consistently posted to the correct leads and contacts in Salesforce.

This feature is live now, and we think you will really enjoy how intelligent and effective it is in helping you resolve the curve balls inherent in tracking communication effectively.


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