The saved view Outreach AEs use to close more pipeline

Posted February 16, 2024

By Grace Presnick

Senior Client Account Executive at Outreach

In sales, so much is out of our control, but we can control the way we act on our opportunities. That's why I used saved views to keep my priority opportunities engaged and identify where I need to take action so I can jump in at the right time.

Saved views provide dynamic filtering options, which I use to stay organized while surfacing key data to help me strengthen my customer relationships.

Here’s my go-to "in-quarter opportunities" saved view that I use surface the insights I need to close more pipeline — and how you can do the same. 

This “in-quarter opportunities” saved view helps me stay on top of my book of business

Outreach surfaces engagement data that gives you insight into the quality, not just quantity, of your engagements. This “in-quarter opportunity” saved view is something my manager and I use to stay aligned on my deals while also giving me the ability to customize the view with metrics that matter most to me — she even has her own manager saved view.

To create my saved view in Outreach, I start with the following:

  • Owner is you: This filter ensures I’m not looking at anyone else’s prospects
  • Close date is this quarter: This helps me focus on my most winnable deals
  • Manage columns to add last activity date, amount, and Success Plan

From this saved view, I can review insights and identify where I need to jump in and take action — all without leaving Outreach. This is my default saved view that I use daily to check on next steps, then review the opportunity status to see upcoming engagements or past Kaia recordings. To see how my deals are progressing and any action I need to take, I review deal health to quickly understand what’s working and where to focus and Success Plans to see if there are any incomplete tasks.

Most importantly, I can review the last activity date to ensure opportunities are engaged every week, which is critical to the success of my deals. If they aren’t, I can quickly take action by scheduling a meeting, sending an email, or asking for an executive intro.

The results

Here’s what happened when I began using this saved view:


I saved 7 hours per week, so I have time back to sell more.


I was able to collaborate more strategically with my manager using the same saved view to manage my deals.


I crushed my quota by closing deals in a much more predictable way.

When you’re ready to put these strategies into action, create your own "in-quarter opportunities" view to start using data-driven insights to close more deals.


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