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Posted August 3, 2018

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

When you have a prospect on the line who is ready to buy, you want to focus on giving them what they want in the fastest and most efficient way possible. One thing that isn’t fast or efficient: trying to hunt down the right account executive, sales engineer, or solutions consultant to join a call when your prospect is ready to buy. You don’t want to create artificial blockers to a deal because you don’t have the right process in place to quickly connect a prospect to the correct person on your team.

Before, when your reps had a super hot prospect on the line, and they wanted to talk to an Account Executive to start the buying process, reps would have to message the AEs and hope someone was available to join or schedule a meeting at a later date. Not ideal.

Today, we’re excited to announce warm transfer, which allows Outreach Voice users to seamlessly hold and transfer calls between reps without hanging up on a prospect. This is the fastest and most efficient way to connect your prospects with experts on your team to give them a great buying experience. Warm transfer on Outreach Voice lets reps:

  • Transfer calls to a colleague in one click without hanging up on the prospect and starting a new call
  • Prepare colleagues prior to having them join the call while the prospect is on hold
  • And even hang up after the call has been handed off without disconnecting the line.

It’s critical that when managing a real-time handoff, reps can place a prospect on hold and have a quick conversation with their colleague to get them up to speed before joining the call. This is especially important for large or remote teams where you can’t always have a quick face to face chat or don’t have time to send your colleague a slack or IM, and for teams with quick sales cycles who often have prospects that want to make a purchase on the first call.

With warm transfer, you can spend less time rallying your teammates to get on a call and more time having meaningful conversations to bring value to your customers. This feature will roll out to all accounts over the coming days.


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