Introducing Outreach + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Posted October 10, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

"Microsoft Ventures is thrilled that Outreach was selected as a launch partner for the new Sales Navigator Application Platform. This integration will enhance the value of both platforms by bringing them together, surfacing insights on prospects and customers directly into a sales rep's workflow."ADAM COCCARI, MICROSOFT VENTURES

Sales reps need LinkedIn to get important details about a prospect when they’re selling. We’re excited to share that we have partnered with LinkedIn to integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator into the Outreach platform to help joint customers better connect with prospects without leaving the Outreach workflow. Our integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform allows you to enhance your Outreach experience by interacting with the rich social data in Sales Navigator. And this integration allows you to access your LinkedIn Sales Navigator information where you’re already selling.

For those of our users who have LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise accounts, we will provide access to the most important LinkedIn Sales Navigator information distilled into "tiles" to utilize on our Prospect and Account overview dashboards. These tiles will surface relevant data including work history, common connections, and LinkedIn activity - and allow you to take actions in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, like sending messages, saving new leads, and more!

All users will have access to two LinkedIn Sales Navigator tiles - one for Sales Navigator Lead, and one for Sales Navigator Account - within the intelligence tile menu. You’ll need a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license to use these tiles. Here’s how you access them from the Prospect Overview page:

  1. Click add new tile
  2. Click on the Sales Navigator Tiles to add them to your layout.
  3. Adjust and reposition the tiles the way that you like and click “Save Changes”

You can find more details on setting up your Sales Navigator tiles in our support documentation. Once you’re set up, there are numerous ways that you can use these tiles to power up the way you prospect in Outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Tile

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead tile pulls information from the profile of the specific lead you’re viewing. By simply using the lead tile and loading the prospect overview, your prospect will see you’ve viewed their profile. When you enhance a call or manual email with an automatic profile view, you get two sales touch points for the price of one! Within the tile, there are 3 tabs:

  • Icebreakers: The icebreakers tab shows you mutual connections and recent activity like shared posts and recently published articles. You can use these updates to see how active your prospect is on LinkedIn and know when it’s a good time to reach out.
  • Get Introduced: The get introduced tab can streamline your referral process by enabling you to ask a mutual connection for an introduction to your prospect without leaving Outreach. Prospects are more likely to respond if they feel a personal connection with you, and the get introduced functionality is a great way to get your foot in the door.
  • Related Leads: The related leads tab exists to expand your pool of prospects or find a new contact at the same company. With an account-based sales approach, you rarely only interact with one person at a given company. The related leads function is an excellent way to find the most relevant people to deepen your outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account Tile

The account tile pulls information from the company page on LinkedIn. It’s an excellent way to look beyond an individual prospect’s information in your account-based sales workflow. Within the tile, there are 3 tabs:

  • Recommended leads: Similar to “related leads”, the recommended leads tab helps you find new prospects within a target company. Within this tab, you can find and add new, relevant leads to Sales Navigator without leaving Outreach.
  • Connections: The connections tab helps you identify current connections you know who work at the company to help you get a foot in the door.
  • News: With the news tab, access company news and recent employee LinkedIn posts to personalize every sales touch.

We’re so excited to bring the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator right into Outreach to help you personalize your prospecting at scale. If you have questions about how to get started, check out our support documentation.


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