The saved view Outreach sales leaders use to help their teams crush quota

Posted February 16, 2024

By Greg Baumann

Director of Enterprise Sales at Outreach

As an Outreach sales leader, staying close to how my reps manage their deals and maintain their overall health is a top priority. That’s why I use saved views to stay connected and updated on my team’s deals.

Saved views provide dynamic filtering options, which I use to stay organized while surfacing key data to keep my team’s deals on track.

Here’s how I use my "quarterly deals" saved view to manage my team and help them crush quota.

I use this opportunity saved view daily to assess deals in motion

Outreach’s engagement data helps you understand the quality of your engagements, not just the quantity. These insights are indispensable to sales managers; they make it much easier to improve deal performance and identify timely coaching opportunities.

  • Owner team is named [my team] — This filter ensures I’m looking at my team’s deals. You could also filter by "owner" and use multi-select to pick each of your team members.
  • Close date is [this quarter] — This ensures that I stay focused on our forecasted deals for the quarter.
  • GTM forecast category is [committed] — This gives me a subset of accounts within certain forecast categories to focus on my most winnable deals. It’s a custom field that syncs from our CRM, but you could also filter by "stage" and select the stages that are most likely to close this quarter.
  • Sort by close date — To help me prioritize further, I sort by date so that I see deals that are close to closing, which tend to be more urgent.

I spend most of my day within this saved view, reviewing insights on what’s going well and where to focus. This view is critical to helping me monitor deal health and progression and review how reps qualify deals against our sales methodology (Here at Outreach, we use MEDDPICC). Most importantly, it helps me keep my team accountable for their next steps and helps me quickly identify deals or reps needing my support.

The results

Since implementing this saved view, I’ve seen:


Increased activity among my team’s accounts: we are speaking with more customers at more accounts more frequently.


Forecast calls have been cut down by seven hours across my team each week — a huge ROI for myself and the company!


More predictable in-quarter business with saved views and accountability towards “closing soon” deals.

As managers, we juggle a lot of deals and insights. This saved view has changed how I monitor my team’s deals each quarter and improved performance across the board all while keeping me organized and focused.

If you’re ready to do the same, head into Outreach and create your own quarterly deals opportunity view to assess deal performance and help your team crush quota.

More sales manager saved views

Here are other saved views I’ve created to help manage my teams:

1. Individual rep saved views

Use these filters to set up a saved opportunity view for each of your reps. 

  • Close date is [this fiscal year]
  • Owner is [rep name]
  • Stage is
  • Sort by amount

This is great to drill down into rep-specific performance to prepare for 1:1’s and monitor projections for the fiscal year. 

2. Accounts with open opportunities

Use these filters to monitor accounts with open opportunities and increase engagement. 

  • Owner team is...
  • Last contacted date Last 90 days
  • Open opportunity count greater than or equal to 1

3. Territory specific

Use these filters to create an account saved view for each of your team’s territories. 

  • Owner team name is...

I use this saved view once a week to understand which accounts or in certain territories and the level of conversation reps are having. While basic, this gives nuance to what I’m viewing.

4. Upcoming renewals

Use these filters to monitor upcoming account renewals across your territory.

  • Close date is [next quarter]
  • Owner is [rep(s) name]
  • Opportunity type is [renewal]
  • Stage is...
  • Sort by [amount]

We’ve found that being proactive in driving renewal conversations benefits both my team and our customers, so I look at this saved view one to two quarters out. It’s helpful in making sure we’re doing the right things to align with customer expectations two or more quarters out, getting on top of the paper process about one quarter out, and forecasting in the current quarter. 


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