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Posted August 30, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Things are constantly moving and changing in modern sales organizations. In today’s world of scalable, specialized sales roles, prospect ownership frequently changes as a contact moves through the sales funnel, as reps move to new roles or territories, and as company strategy shifts. Keeping tabs on prospect and task ownership is a huge challenge for organizations, and it’s one of the top ways that important sales tasks fall through the cracks and lose you that deal you were juuuuuust about to close.

This will no longer be an issue with Outreach's new sales task management feature. Today, we released a task reassignment update to solve this problem for the Outreach tasks you and your team are completing on a day to day basis.

When you enable automatic task reassignment in your settings, task ownership will automatically follow suit when you reassign a prospect to a new owner. This enables organizations to have the most streamlined transition possible if someone needs to reassign a prospect to a new owner for any reason, whether the prospect is moving to a new stage in your sales funnel or your rep is changing roles. Now the transition is smooth and cohesive, not manual.

And this new behavior will save you a ton of time - about two minutes every time a prospect is reassigned to be exact! One of our beta users of this update says it saves their Outreach Administrator up to 90 minutes a day in manual effort!

See how our sales task management feature works:

Previously, if a prospect or contact was assigned to a new user, the prospect ownership in Outreach was updated, but tasks and mailboxes would remain assigned to the old owner. With this update, the transition is seamless and completely automatic, so reps can stay on top of sales task management and prospects will never fall through the cracks because of an ownership change. And of course, you’ll win back more time for selling with this newly automated flow.

This behavior can be enabled in settings by selecting propagate prospect ownership.

Our team is constantly building new features to create a more intelligent sales workflow and to save you time on manual, administrative work so you can focus on building a stronger connection with your prospects. If you have any questions about our updates to task reassignment settings, contact


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