Win back over seven business days this year with Sales Intelligence Tiles

Posted July 19, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Selling isn’t about blasting prospects with generic cold emails - you need to connect with your prospects on a level that shows you understand their business and their needs. But it’s time consuming to find all the right information to prepare for a discovery call. You mine Google and Twitter and every other website and social media platform under the sun until you’re in so deep you find yourself distractedly LinkedIn stalking your former boss’s first cousin once removed. It’s called death by 1,000 tabs and it’s a real problem affecting workplaces around the world!

That’s why we recently launched sales intelligence tiles. You told us how painful and time consuming it is to scour the internet as you prepare for every step of the sales process, from discovery calls to demos. To fix this, we have compiled the answers to all of your prospecting questions in one single easy-to-navigate dashboard that integrates seamlessly into your workflow. No more navigating through an endless maze of browser tabs. No more aimless Googling. No more awkward moments when you forget if you’re on the phone with someone in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine.

On average, sales reps who use our embedded intelligence tiles save five hours a month on prospect research - that’s 7.5 business days a year! All because for the first time, they have the mission critical prospect information they need in the place they’re already working to complete their tasks and engage with their prospects. Intelligence tiles keep sales workflows uniquely free of interruptions.

To power our tiles with the most relevant data, we have carefully selected partners including Owler, Twitter, and Crunchbase - the largest selection of embedded tiles on the market! Each of these partners provides best-in-class data to power your sales with intuitive insights. We package this information up into a customizable dashboard that integrates with the tasks you already do so you always have the information you need without having to think about searching for it.

Want to learn how you can save time and power results with intelligence tiles? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting our newest, most valuable tiles and integrations with a series of blog posts that show you how to make the most of Outreach’s sales intelligence features. You will learn how to drive more personal, connected sales interactions with less time and effort spent on research and preparation.

You might think we’re crazy, but we believe there doesn’t have to be a tradeoff between sales excellence and time spent on tedious non-selling activities like prospect research. Sales intelligence tiles provide you with easily digestible data all in one single page to help you understand what your customer really needs in a world where time is an increasingly scarce resource.

Are you ready to win back selling time for your team while closing more deals?


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