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Posted February 21, 2018

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Last November, when we announced Outreach Meetings, we committed to building features designed to make your day more efficient so you can spend more time on critical selling activities. Today, we’re excited to bring a brand new update to Outreach Meetings for Gmail: the ability to reassign meeting owners with no hassle!

When you book a meeting for someone but you don’t need to be there (think: a sales development rep putting time on their account executive’s calendar), it can cause absolute chaos on that rep’s calendar. Reps have a million meetings on their calendars that they don’t actually plan to attend, but those meetings prevent other prospects from booking time on the rep’s calendar. Not a good set up if you’re trying to get your reps to prioritize high value phone conversations with prospects.

Or sometimes, one sales rep schedules a meeting, but something comes up and they need to hand off that meeting to a colleague. Before, you had that cringe worthy moment where you had to bombard your prospect with cancellation emails and new meetings, all the while crossing your fingers that they accept the new invite. You can kiss those overbooked calendars and awkward email avalanches goodbye!

Now, with Outreach Meetings, you can reassign the owner of the meeting or change the meeting type without deleting and recreating the event -- and more importantly, without requiring the prospect to re-accept the meeting that was so hard to land in the first place.

gif showing meeting reassigning in outreach

When updating the meeting, you can choose if the prospect gets updated or not. You can reassign meetings whether you’re the meeting booker, meeting owner, or an Outreach admin. And of course, all updates are synced back to Salesforce.

Note that this feature only works for meetings booked through Outreach, so if you’re not using Outreach Meetings yet, this time-saving, update that helps keep your calendar organized is a good reason to start!

We hope you enjoy this update and the continued updates we will be rolling out this year! Check back on our blog to be the first in the know about new releases for Meetings and the rest of our Outreach features. And for more information on reassigning meetings owners and updating meeting details, check out our support article.


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