Managers and coaches can now listen in and join live calls

Posted June 15, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach

Today, we're excited to announce that we've made Outreach Voice even more powerful by enabling managers and coaches to listen in on live calls, and even join the calls to help out when needed. Coaching calling effectiveness is a big challenge, and we built Call Recording for managers who can't listen to every conversation as it's happening. However, for managers who want to play a more active part in sales coaching when their team is actively on the phones, it's important to give them the ability to listen in, and even join the call to help out in certain situations.

As of today, we have added Listen In and Join to the Outreach Voice family of features to help managers make their teams more effective and improve sales call skills.

If Listen In is enabled for an org, admins can then enable this functionality for a specific set of users through those users' governance profile. Once enabled by profile, if a user views a list of calls currently in progress, usually through a smart view that only shows active calls, that user can choose to join the call as a muted participant, and listen in.

If the coach listening in sees a reason they need to join the call and assist the sales rep already in the conversation, they can simply unmute. Coaches can hang up at any time, or switch to another live call, simply by choosing to join a different call.

Remember that if you plan on accessing list list often, we recommend saving a smart view if you haven't already, and setting the sharing settings to your preference.

Additional Information

While a sales rep can initiate a call through VOIP or Bridge, coaches wishing to listen in on an active call will access this functionality through VOIP only.

We think you're going to be really excited to see how these new additions can improve your team's calling skills.

To get these enabled on your account, or any others such as Call Recording or Local Dial, please contact your sales rep or support team.


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