How a sales manager uses Outreach to coach her team

Posted April 8, 2024

As a sales manager, Sydney is focused on the most effective ways to coach and improve her reps' skills. Here’s how she uses Outreach to get the data and insights she needs to give her team actionable feedback.

Sydney begins her day by diving into the opportunities tab to check the status of her team's deals, their likelihood of closing, and red flags that she can help them resolve.

She customizes her view to see the deal info that’s more important to her with filters like ARR amount, close dates, and health scores. These filters allow her to quickly access specific opportunities and focus on those most likely to close, particularly towards the end of a quarter.

As a manager, Sydney is also a heavy user of Kaia’s conversation intelligence features. This tool lets her quickly review call summaries and understand the key action items — without spending hours listening to recordings. Kaia automatically captures next steps, so it’s easy for Sydney to hold her reps accountable and ensure they follow up appropriately.

Sydney also uses Kaia to highlight moments of discussion, like support involvement or pricing negotiations, and leave notes for her reps. She’ll also filter for specific topics, like mentions of competitors, and create alerts and playlists for targeted sales coaching opportunities, such as improving your negotiation skills.


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