Introducing DocSend for outreach

Posted April 25, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

A key component of engaging prospects is using the right content to drive the sales process forward. Our goal is to ensure sharing content is done as effectively as possible, so we’ve built in templates and text snippets so your team has the right email content right where they need it.

We also know your team may use a sales asset management tool. That’s why we’re excited to announce an integration with DocSend to empower teams to find, share, and track the documents that help sales reps meet their revenue goals. Together, Outreach and DocSend provide a powerful solution for your sales team to engage with prospects effectively and share the right content, at the right time. The integration allows your team to:  

  • Have a more productive workflow for sales reps with the ability to insert links directly into Outreach templates and snippets
  • Give sales managers key insights into where to make improvements to their sales process.
  • Dig into analytics to show sales reps where they should spend their time and how best to move forward with prospects, taking your business to the next level.

Getting Started

If you’re already a DocSend customer, getting setup is easy.

Once you’ve installed the DocSend chrome extension, select a document from the dropdown box on the right. You’ll notice two checkboxes:

  • Campaign Name refers to the Outreach sequence name. This connects your DocSend link to the sequence in Outreach to identify your content for engagement.
  • Track Forwarding lets you collect email addresses from individuals that are not prospects, providing you with greater insight when your content is forwarded to new contacts.

You also have the option to permit content to be downloaded by your prospects and can require a passcode to view the content you’ve shared.

When you’ve made your selections, the personalized link will automatically copy to your clipboard and ready for use as a hyperlink in your template.

Our partnership with DocSend will not only give you deeper insights into the performance of your sales assets, you’ll save time managing content.

If you are interested in purchasing DocSend, or if you have any questions, email


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