How an SDR uses Outreach to improve her pitches

Posted April 3, 2024

Cianna Levi, an enterprise SDR at Outreach, uses the platform to manage her manage her day and tailor the way she sells. Like most SDRs, Cianna spends the majority of her time in Outreach’s 360 view — a checklist of action items, emails, and calls to help her prioritize her day. 

One of Cianna’s favorite features is Kaia, Outreach’s conversation intelligence tool. By reviewing various calls made by her colleagues to different prospects and companies, Cianna gains insights into the prospects' interests and industry-specific challenges. This tool also allows her to learn effective pitching strategies from her teammates — like an athlete watching back recordings from a game.

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Outreach helps SDRs like Cianna engage prospects with timely, relevant messages, so they can generate more qualified pipeline. Request a meeting to learn more about what Outreach can do for your team. 


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