Identify and execute winning sales strategies with the new Outreach Sales Execution Report

Posted October 19, 2022

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By Andrea Youmans

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

Just as a ship needs navigation in open waters, sales leaders need activity reporting to help steer their teams toward the efforts that create the most pipeline. The problem is, reporting on individual sales activities misses the context of the broader sales funnel, which leaves leaders over-indexing on individual activities, instead of assessing how the full picture of a sales cycle (made up of many activities) is performing.

To help guide your ship to the correct course, we are excited to announce that the Outreach Sales Execution Report is now generally available. This report helps sales managers and leaders identify winning strategies across sequences, email, and calls that are driving prospect engagement. The new report not only provides a better picture of how your prospecting activities are driving engagement, but allows you to filter by team or user to understand what activities are performing the best and replicate those strategies to drive pipeline growth.

Sales managers today have many metrics to keep track of on top of managing people and ensuring the teams are using the right content in any given situation. The Sales Execution Report brings all the important prospecting metrics into a single view so you can understand overall performance, team performance, or user performance for specific timeframes.

Let’s break down the Sales Execution Report to give you a better idea of how it can help you identify opportunities to efficiently create sales pipeline.

The Sales Execution Report has three main sections that correspond to your sales funnel – prospects contacted, prospects responded, and prospects invited (or meetings booked).

sales execution report within the outreach platform
The Sales Execution Report includes information on prospects contacted, prospects responded, and prospects invited.

Identify prospects contacted and compare performance

Prospects contacted helps you identify how many distinct prospects your team reached out to within the selected month. This is broken down by tactic including sequences, emails delivered, outbound calls, LinkedIn tasks, and other tasks that could fall outside sequences, such as sending an SMS. You can compare timeframes to see the change in activity for your organization as a whole, or compare specific teams and users across a single timeframe to identify trends that help you optimize performance and share best practices across teams.

prospects contacted
Prospects contacted in the Sales Execution Report shows how many prospects you reached out to during a selected month.

See what’s working for your team and what’s not

As you drill down into the prospecting activities you can see which are performing well and how changes in activity have actually translated into leads your teams can work. In this view, you are able to see the sequence and email reply rate, sentiment associated with the emails sent, and call connect rates. By drilling down into the team or user comparisons, you can find what’s working well for your teams — is it better to pick up the phone and make calls? Or are the emails within those sequences seeing more positive reply rates? If one team is seeing success in one area, you can now coach other teams to replicate winning strategies.

prospects responded report in Outreach
See what’s working well for your team and what’s not with information on reply rate, email sentiment, and call connect rates.

Discover which activities are leading to meetings booked

Finally, the prospects invited view helps you verify if the activities are actually leading to meetings booked and held. Many reps are measured against how many meetings are booked and held, so it is helpful for managers to see the conversion of prospects invited, responded, and booked. These can help you understand what is working within your sequences, activities, and tasks and what is truly leading to meetings on the calendar.

SER prospects invited
See if sales activities are leading to meetings booked.

Close more deals with the Sales Execution Report

Along with the Sales Execution Report, Outreach’s team performance reports, sequence performance reports, and insights can provide granular insights into your team’s activities. The Sales Execution Report is a rollup of prospecting activities that gives you a snapshot of prospects converting to meetings on the calendar, which provides another opportunity to see how your SDR teams are executing on your sales strategy.

Having the Sales Execution Report unlocks the potential to replicate winning strategies across your teams by comparing what’s going well within your prospecting activities.

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