An outbound sales automation checklist

Posted August 28, 2017

Here at Outreach, we've put together a simple and effective engagement platform for your entire sales team. We've left no stone unturned to bring you the most innovative and complete tool on the market today and of course that includes outbound sales automation capabilities.

It's more than likely clear by now that this kind of automation is the path to building efficiency and consistency as well as saving time and money. This kind of product requires a few starting points to get going. Here's a few highlights you'll need to consider to establish an automated sales strategy that will bump those sales numbers in the right direction.

Target Those Emails

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and carefully crafted emails are a great way to replace cold calling. Research has shown that you're more than likely to get a response after several attempts at contacting prospects. That means that the kind of emails that are most effective are personalized and here's a few of the things that you should include:

  • Getting right to the point is rule number one for successful outbound sales automation. Not only have people's attention spans shortened over the last several years, the amount of time they have to read anything has dropped off the scale. Three to five sentences is the limit of any length for a quality email.
  • Offer The Carrot. You should be able to put your value proposition in there somewhere but make it one whole sentence.
  • Link That Call To Action. Including both the call to action and a link to your homepage is a great idea that serves the purpose of directing your prospect's attention well.

Make Up A Decent Contact Sequence

A well-crafted email is only one arrow that you want to have in your quiver. After you send those out electronically, it's time for a series of well-timed and carefully crafted phone calls. These are a great way to schedule a demonstration for someone who has been introduced to your product through the aforementioned emails.

Of course you can't forget the fundamentals for any successful outbound sales automation strategy. That includes putting together the right buyer personas based on research into your demographic target market's characteristics and being able to identify the decision-makers.

Having a template to work from can ensure that your outbound sales automation strategy increases profits.


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