Mutual action plans

Build buyer trust, de-risk deals, and improve win rates by 26%

Success Plans in Outreach help sellers align and collaborate with their buyers to drive smooth, predictable purchase processes. At the same time, leaders can operationalize their sales methodology to drive greater qualification consistency and success across the organization.

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Success Plans helps me answer questions quickly without having to make 37 phone calls to get things figured out.

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Build buyer confidence, trust, and alignment

Deals today involve an increasing number of stakeholders, making it nearly impossible to manage and close deals without an agreed-upon plan from the start. Success Plans fundamentally improves the buyer experience by offering buyers, sellers, and internal stakeholders a digital environment to jointly collaborate on deal progress. Success Plans also help to keep the momentum going even if teams change. The Success Plan is the project plan for transacting the deal and repository for all resources, meetings and recordings, so if a new AE is assigned to a deal, they can quickly get up to speed and keep the deal rolling.
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    De-risk your deals

    Success Plans ensure that every deal runs like your best deals. Delivery of predictable revenue becomes ingrained in every deal with the application of proven sales methodologies. So sales managers can maximize methodology investments and monitor progress to close.
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      Improve win rates by 26%

      Put best practices to work to win more. Success Plans offer structure, templates, and visibility to make sure your team applies best practices to every deal while engaging buyers throughout the process with a mutual action plan. As a result, teams see greater consistency, predictability, and collaboration across every deal.

        Demo: Outreach Success Plans

        Reinforce your sales strategy directly in Outreach: Success Plans help sales leaders operationalize their sales methodologies, like MEDDPICC, MEDDIC, or SPIN Selling. 

        Mutual action plan features at a glance


        Success Plans Methodologies: Template and custom field mapping

        Create and share templates that bring automation to your qualification and sales methodology while mapping to your CRM fields, making it easier for different teams to follow a consistent playbook.

        Shared resources
        Share your resources with external stakeholders so they can easily refer back to them along with relevant plan details such as next meeting, and success criteria. Plus, quickly ramp up new members added to buying committees mid-cycle by giving them access to all shared documents, recorded presentations and demos, and the list of next actions committed to by both parties
        Security and control

        Protect plan and resource access with the increased security of two-step authentication. Easily verify identities with a six-digit code and reduce your risk of sensitive information in the wrong hands. Ensure all attached resources are safe with resource and doc virus scans.

        Team interactions
        Understand who on the buying committee is opening the plan, any deal-related emails and accessing resources and recordings in the Success Plan to assess the strength of buyer engagement throughout the deal cycle.

        See the full power of the Sales Execution Platform

        Create quality pipeline, maximize rep productivity, and drive predictable revenue growth with Outreach.

        Maximize seller productivity with high-impact sequences and playbooks that help the entire sales organization efficiently create new pipeline.

        Run deep, data-driven deal inspection with reps, focusing on actions that accelerate deal velocity and boost conversion rates.

        Increase win rates by 26% by allowing AEs and customers to jointly drive smooth, predictable purchase processes that improve deal qualification and clarify every deal’s next steps.

        Run winning sales meetings with real-time, in-meeting enablement that decreases rep ramp time while automatically surfacing trends, new objections, and competitive threats.

        Increase quota attainment with insights that guide sellers before, during, and after critical meetings. Share examples of best practices, coach on next steps, and spot risks across every deal, without having to attend every call.

        Quickly identify and prioritize the winnable opportunities, spot at-risk deals, and get actionable recommendations that increase win rates.

        Confidently inspect your pipeline to detect gaps, model assumptions, and scale strategies that increase conversion rates and seller productivity.

        Make forecasting less manual, more frequent, and increasingly accurate. Adjust assumptions, model scenarios, and analyze trends to increase pipeline coverage and win rates.